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Top 3 Movies Based on Kabaddi



top kabaddi movies

The sport Kabaddi is widely popular in India and with good reason. The hundred of years old sport can easily be played anywhere without any real equipment. With the sport being popular, it’s only natural that it gets taken to the big screen. There are multiple movies made with Kabaddi and Kabaddi betting as the main theme, so if you love to watch Kabaddi games, you should definitely keep reading and read a bit about the three best Kabaddi movies at the moment whenever you need a break from your online betting on Kabaddi. You can also check out the movies on IMDb and read more about them there.

Kabaddi Once Again (2012)

This movie is a quite serious kabaddi movie, which shows some of the darker sides to the kabaddi sport. Topics like match-fixing and even human trafficking are themes in this movie, which does have a motivational and even inspirational feel to it as well despite the otherwise darker topics. Kabaddi once again reveals how match-fixing is done by using fake players and illegal drugs. It revolves around Shingara who is deeply determined to defeat the corrupt forces and thereby restore the public’s faith in the game.

Kabaddi (2009)

Kabaddi is a movie about the kabaddi player Praveen, who desperately tries to win both the kabaddi game as well as the love of the woman Priyanka. He has a very passionate coach who tries to help him along, as he is fighting the battle against the odds to achieve both of the aforementioned goals. There are even real life kabaddi players in the movie, playing some important roles, and thereby making the movie even more fun to watch as a kabaddi fan.

Badlapur Boys (2014)

This movie is set around a group of boys who will basically do anything to play kabaddi. They form an amateur team but are competing in the biggest kabaddi competition taking place in Uttar Pradesh, trying to save their village which is suffering from a bad drought. The movie is perfect for sports lovers and has a great mixture of genres. There is both some comedy, romance, revenge and action sequences in the movie which makes for a great mix. You might also end up being surprised when watching this movie, so give it a go, maybe as a good warmup for a kabaddi gameday.

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