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Here’s What You Need to Keep in Mind While Buying White Gold Diamond Rings



Buying White Gold Diamond Rings

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”- this Marilyn Monroe quote that can never be forgotten. People often buy it because it perfectly describes the special place that a white gold diamond ring holds in the heart of every woman. This piece of jewelry is beautiful, mesmerizing, and something that we all want to don on our fingers.

Apart from wedding proposals, and gifts to Indian brides, white gold diamond rings are also bought by many to wear on a daily basis or for special occasions. It immediately draws the attention of the room towards you with its shine and cheeky sparkle. 

With many jewelers selling white gold diamond rings, shopping for one has become harder than ever before. No one wants to get duped, especially not when you are buying something as precious as a white gold diamond ring. To ensure that you are getting the bang for your buck, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

Buying White Gold Diamond Rings
Image Source: Mia by Tanishq

Clarity, Cut, Carat, and Colour

Whenever you buy white gold diamond rings, keeping the 4cs in mind is absolutely essential as these can make or break your selection of the ring. You can choose the clarity, cut, carat, and color based on the occasion you need the white gold diamond ring for.

If you are looking for something that can be worn daily, and become a part of your everyday outfit, it can be a smart decision to go with a white gold diamond ring that has a smaller diamond. But, if the ring is for a special occasion, going with an elegantly cut, clear, and sizeable diamond will be the best choice.

Check the Certificate

Today, we are surrounded by dupes of everything, including precious jewelry. To avoid getting a fake white gold diamond ring, it is important to check the certificate of authenticity given by the seller.

This certificate ensures that the diamond you are purchasing is of optimal quality and is validated by a qualified gemologist. The certificate usually includes the 4 cs. Having this certificate will ensure that you are getting a quality white gold diamond ring and will also be helpful in case you want to resell the white gold diamond ring.

Understand Making Charges

There is no doubt that the cost of white gold and diamond in the ring will determine the total cost. However, the making charges also play an equally important role in the pricing of the white gold diamond rings. 

The making charges vary in different jewelers, which means that you have the room to negotiate. To help you understand what the cost should be you can browse through different white gold diamond rings in different stores and compare the prices.

Go With Trusted Jewellers

Buying a white gold diamond ring is a big deal, so you shouldn’t shop for this from the first jeweler you see. The process can require some time and effort, which will definitely pay off in the future. It is advisable to shop from trusted and credible jewelers only as they will be sure to give you the best white gold diamond ring ever.

A reputable brand will have many design options of high-quality and elegant white gold diamond rings for you. They will give you the certification which can determine the quality of the white gold as well as the diamond, making sure that you are getting the real deal.

Where to Find the Best White Gold Diamond Rings?

There are many online and offline jewelers who have a large collection of white gold diamond rings you can choose from. However, to find the best ones you should head on to trusted and credible jewelry brands. A good option could be Mia by Tanishq which has an exclusive collection of white gold diamond rings. The designs here are exciting and elegant, which makes Mia the best choice for buying white gold diamond rings.