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TV Providers Offer 1 Billion In Refunds For Sports Packages



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Are you an unlucky sports fan who subscribed to a sports package but didn’t get to watch any of the action because of cancelled games due to the pandemic? Well your luck might just be turning around. Behind the scenes TV providers have been working hard to secure refunds from regional sports networks and will soon be passing along some of that refund cash to their customers. TV providers including DISH Network, Verizon, Spectrum and AT&T have announced that they are offering refunds to customers who bought sports packages this year.

DISH Network Refunds

Sports fans with DISH Network packages or DishLATINO packages can expect to see refunds coming to their accounts in the form of bill credits and other sports programming for free. The satellite TV giant did not announce how much those rebates would be or when subscribers can see it in their accounts. DISH did state that the replacement programming is more in value than what they had received from their content providers.

Verizon FiOS Refunds

FiOS sports fans should have already received a credit in their December bill labeled as “RSN Credit.” All eligible customers have been notified how much their refund will be. Unfortunately how much your credit will be depends on the region in which you live in and whether or not Verizon FiOS received a refund from your local regional sport networks. Verizon FiOS also stated in their release that they anticipate additional refunding coming in 2021. Further information on that will be released as it happens.

Charter Spectrum Refunds

Charter Spectrum stated that they will provide refunds, but they have not announced when or how much the refunds will be. They stated that they are still finalizing all the details with regional sports networks and Spectrum customers can expect to see a refund as a credit on their bill sometime early next year.

AT&T Refunds

AT&T made a statement that they will provide “courtesy adjustments” to customers who paid for regional sports channels from April to July 2020. They stated that customers will receive the full amount that AT&T was reimbursed, but there’s no word of how much that will be or when customers can expect to see it on their bills.

Comcast Refunds

It was crystal clear at the start of each season that sports games were going to be cancelled or at least their schedules were going to be majorly revised. Comcast got ahead of customer complaints and started issuing their refunds back in October. When that happened, Comcast stated the refunds were based on refunds already collected from various regional sports networks. They were also clear that the process may take some time, so if you’re a Comcast sports fan who hasn’t received any sort of refund; don’t lose hope because it still could be on the way.

How To Get Your Refund From Other TV Providers

Nobody really knows when major sports will be back to normal, but you don’t have to settle for paying fees for something you can’t receive. If we haven’t mentioned your provider and you’re looking for a refund, give them a call! Upset sports fans who subscribe to other TV providers should let their voices known. During these unpresented times, your TV provider could be looking at issuing refunds right now. We recommend that you call your TV provider and politely ask what is being done about it.

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