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One Lakh Indians booked a Trip to Mars | Nasa’s InSight



One Lakh Indians booked a Trip to Mars | Nasa's InSight

The Nasa’s InSight Mission is ready to be launched on 5th of May 2018. The ticket booking for the flight started earlier, and Nasa has received about 24,29,807 names, and the reservation is made all over the world. Around 1,38,899 people from Indian have booked the ticket for the Trip to Mars. Nasa earlier launched a mission “InSight” (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) which comprise of a trip to Mars and the mission is slated for launch on May 5 of next year. Nasa also mentioned that those who have submitted their names were provided with an online “Boarding Pass” for the mission.

One Lakh Indians booked a Trip to Mars | Nasa's InSight

Trip to Mars

The names will be etched on a silicon wafer microchip that will be using an electron beam to form letters with lines consisting of one one-thousandth the diameter of a human hair. The chip then will be attached to the top deck of the lander. Among the other applicants, several Indians responded to the Nasa’s call for names for the InSight Mars Mission. According to a report submitted by Nasa on this Wednesday, India ranks third on the list globally with regards to the number of names submitted for Nasa’s Mars Mission.

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India stands at number three while the US stands on the top with 6,76,773 names followed by China standing second with 2,62,750 names. Space experts stats that the US leading is on the top is not a surprise but India is holding third following China is a surprise which they haven’t expected. Experts say that the Indians show excitement and interest in Mars flights and this will increase the strength of India-US space ties as well.

One Lakh Indians booked a Trip to Mars | Nasa's InSight

Trip to Mars

The deadline to submit the names is over last week, and the Nasa is no longer accepting submissions. The mission is slated for landing near the Mars equator on November 26 of 2018. The purpose is a total of 720 days which will gather data on the Martain interior by monitoring the Marsquakes. Nasa states that InSight missions role is not only to read Mars but also to gain broader insight into the formation of a rocky planet in the entire solar system.

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