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Long Haul Business Class vs Economy



Comfortable conditions on the plane for some passengers just a whim, but for other passengers, this may be a necessity. Each passenger of the aircraft counts on acceptable flight conditions – safety, service, and minimal household amenities. The passenger aircraft cabin is divided into sectors – first of all, it is business class and economy class. And the travel conditions for these two classes are very different. Of course, for many, buying a ticket in business class is a problem solely of financial resources, but it will be interesting for all travellers onboard to learn more about the differences between economy and business class flights and how to get cheap business class tickets to destinations wanted.

Long Haul Business Class vs Economy
Long Haul Business Class vs Economy

Differences in quality of service are already visible at the airport. Economy passengers are waiting to depart for the flight in the common haul, whereas business class passengers wait for their flight in the VIP lounges, where there are more comfortable chairs, there is a restaurant with a wide range of drinks and dishes, with free WIFI and other amenities. There are airlines that provide their passengers with VIP lounges with showers, saunas, beauty salons.

When travelling, for example, to Spain, passengers can get the cheap business class to Barcelona via airline consolidator companies that find these discounted tickets using their algorithms of cheap tickets search. The boarding of business class passengers is conducted out of the queue. They are the first to get on board an aircraft and are among the first to land. VIP clients also can have the free transfer service to the aeroplane on a comfortable bus or even personal car and driver. Another possible bonus is a transfer from the airport to their place of residence or hotel.

When talking about luggage differences – economy class passengers are provided with the possibility to take one unit of hand luggage and one suitcase weighing no more than 30 kilograms, whereas in business class passengers are allowed to carry at least twice as much luggage.

Comfort in the economy class is quite minimal. Their passenger seat width averages between 43 to 46 centimetres, the distance between them from 74 to 91 centimetres. The flight of about six hours in such conditions causes discomfort because of the lack of free space.

Each passenger seat has a folding table and a pocket with an evacuation card and logbook. If the flight is long, passengers receive plaids, pillows, earplugs, and headphones. The food depends on the airline, but if you are in the air for more than two hours, you will definitely have some food and coffee. And for any additional service – for example, such as Wi-Fi, you will have to pay separately if you fly by the economy class. At the same time, for the Business class service, drinks and food are served in beautiful dishes – not in plastic glasses, as in economy class. And all this is brought at the personal request of passengers, in contrast to how it is done in economy class – when food is served to everyone at the same time. 

On long-haul flights, passengers can travel with the greatest comfort as airlines whose services Cheap First Class offers to passengers provide the conditions that allow a person to stay relaxed, well-fed, and in good humour during the whole flight. When you will have to travel abroad on the long-haul flight don’t hesitate to search for cheap business class airline tickets and fly by business class instead of an uncomfortable economy class. Take care of your health during the flights and reach out to Cheap First Class now to find the flight that would meet all your requirements of comfort and price.

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