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Robot Themed Restaurant Hits Coimbatore | Eat Food Served by Robots in Style



robot theme restaurant

This themed restaurant serves you Thai, Chinese and Indian food varieties with robots as you can’t see much waiters inside this Robot hotel. The Robots are ready to serve you as soon as you order food with the iPad placed on your table as you don’t have to wait for the waiters to arrive to take your order. The order will be directly placed in the kitchen and once the chef prepares your dish, the robots will straightaway serve the food to your table.

robot theme restaurant

robot theme restaurant

After the success of this hotel in OMR, Chennai, the makers wanted to bring it to textile city Coimbatore. “The robot-themed hotels are common in countries like China, Japan and a few western countries, and this hotel makes the first of its kind hotel in our country”, a partner of the robot-themed hotel said. The robots are able to detect any obstacle in its way and request them to move out of the way. The robots are able to understand English and Tamil, Jagadheesh said. The iPad on the individual tables displays the menu along with the rates. The hotel also includes some manpower to program the robots.

The owners already have an aeroplane themed Chinese restaurant, and wanted to open a robot-themed restaurant in the city. “We finally sourced them from a company abroad. Venkatesh then went to the company and spent some time learning to program them, operate them and even repair them,” said Karthikeyan, one of the five partners. The hotel is situated in the Senthil towers, Avinashi road, Coimbatore.

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