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Hudhud Bird (Hoopoe) Species, Details, Images, Price, Origin, Facts & More



Hudhud Bird

Hudhud Bird is one of the beautiful creatures of nature. English poets feel difficult to find words to describe it’s beauty. It comes under the Animalia kingdom. They slightly look like Woodpeckers. Hudhuds are orange, black and white in color. We can see these birds in three continents like Asia, Europe and Africa. Another name of Hudhud bird is Hoopoe bird.

It might have got the name Hoopoe as the birds sing hoo hoo hoo. Based on locations, they are classified into three different species, African hoopoe, Eurasian hoopoe and Madagascan hoopoe.

Scientific Classification

Leach, 1820
Linnaeus, 1758

Interesting Facts of Hudhud Bird (Hoopoe)

  • Weight & Size: 67 gram is the average weight of the Eurasian Hudhud bird.
  • The government of Israel recognized Hoopoe as their national bird.
  • Nestling: They considered tree holes as their house where they lay eggs and feed the young birds. This species also lives in ground holes.
  • Food: Their beak is the ultimate weapon to catch food. This Aves class birds eat both veg and non-veg food. Seeds and berries are classified under veg foods. Likewise, insects and reptiles are non-veg foods.
  • Nature has given the special capacity for female and young birds to defence themselves. They can produce a bad smell which makes their enemies uncomfortable.
  • Breeding: The Male birds display it’s captured insect in front of female to impress them to fall in love. After laying eggs, the female needs to wait for at least 26 days to see the face of the young ones. The color of the egg is white and sometimes whitish brown. Like the female, the male also takes the responsibility to feed its baby.
  • Islam people’s respectable Quran book describes the name of the Hoopoe bird.

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Hudhud Bird Images

African Hoopoe Bird
African Hoopoe Bird
Hudhud Bird
Hudhud Bird Photos
Hudhud Bird
Hudhud Bird with Egg
Hudhud Bird
Hudhud Bird with Insect
Hoopoe Bird
Hoopoe Bird
Hudhud during Sunbath
Hudhud Bird
Madagascan Hudhud Bird
Hudhud Bird
Young and Mature Hudhud Bird

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