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Surakav Bird (Color Changing Bird) Species, Details, Cost, Origin, Facts & More



Wiki: Surakav bird is one of the type of hummingbird bird species. Surakav has an amazing capacity to change its colors like a Chameleon. 19 photographers consumed 62 days to capture the color changing skills of Surakav. It is popularly known as the Color changing Bird. Surakav bird is mostly found in West Coast, North America. It is also known as Anna’s hummingbird. As an omnivore bird, it consumes veg foods like nectar, tree sap and non veg foods like insects and arthropods. 10cm is the average length of Surakav Bird and commonly the female birds are smaller than the male ones.

After the eggs being layed, the Surakav fetal needs to stay 16 days inside the egg to become a fully grown Surakav. Surakav nestlings takes 20 days to fly. Male Surakav can fly upto a height of 130 feet.

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Surakav Bird Facts

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  • Surakav shakes its body very fast (55 times per second) to remove rain water or pollen from its body.
  • Male Surakavs are smarter than the females.
  • The estimated cost of Surakav Bird is 37,000 Dollars. 25 Lakh rupees as per Indian currency. The high price tag is for the brilliant feature of the bird to change colors.
  • During breeding season, male Surakav softly sings to attract the female ones.
  • Many people project the Surakv bird as one of the rare species. In fact almost 1.5 million Surakavs are estimated to be alive.
  • Unlike love birds, Surakav doesn’t prefer to live with her/his one same life partner for the entire life. In fact, it pairs with several Surakavs within a short period.

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