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High-Tech Devices That Will Simplify Your Life



Have you heard about the term “Internet of things,” abbreviated IoT? The main idea is that devices connected to the network via a cable or wirelessly interact and operate in an automatic mode. For example, when your alarm goes off, a toaster and a teapot switch on automatically, so when you wake up and get out of bed, you will only have to pour boiling water in a mug, get toast and have breakfast. If you don’t like to eat alone, pay attention to ukrainian brides.

Nowadays, they predict that number of such devices will outnumber smartphones. As a result, the IoT gadgets will become the most mass category of devices on the Internet. Here are four devices from the category of the “Internet of things” that will make your life more convenient, allow less worry about little things and give bright emotions as well as an opportunity to impress a girl.

1. Ready-made kit of smart home Fibaro Starter Kit

Fibaro Starter Kit is used for building a Smart Home system in a short time and without the involvement of qualified specialists. The kit includes different sensors, for example, reports of break-in (opening doors or windows, reaction to movements). In addition, the smart house system monitors temperature readings and vibration in real time. In the case of a non-standard situation, the system transfers all information to the cloud service, and you immediately receive a notification to any device, for example, a smartphone. If you want to be able to eliminate the main problems, it is necessary to add additional devices to the system. You can manage such a smart home system with the Fibaro application.

2. Mini projector CINEMOOD Storyteller

CINEMOOD Storyteller is a compact cube-sized device that projects movies, series, and photos onto any surface. The maximum screen size is 3 meters. Mini-cinema supports online services, allows you to stream YouTube from your smartphone. Besides, you can use the internal memory (32 gigabytes) of the device or a micro USB port to connect a flash drive. The main advantage of CINEMOOD Storyteller is its portability. It’s not bigger than a tennis ball, so you can take it anywhere. For a complete immersion in the cinema atmosphere, you can connect the CINEMOOD Storyteller to the speakers or headphones both wired or wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can manage the device both using the buttons on the case and the application for iOS or Android. Moreover, CINEMOOD Storyteller is the first projector that can be controlled with the help of Apple Watch. The mini-projector is equipped with an optical module, designed for 20 thousand hours of operation, so it will last for many years without the replacement of the lamp.

3. Suitcase Bluesmart One

Bluesmart One, unlike usual suitcases, is a smart device with several useful functions. Firstly, the locks on it are blocked through the application, which means that an intruder cannot open the bag even with a whole set of master keys. Secondly, a 3G/ GPS-navigator is built into the suitcase, so you can track the location of the suitcase. Thirdly, Bluesmart One has thermal sensors that will help you find a suitcase on the baggage conveyor belt or among other bags. The suitcase has a built-in 10 400 mAh battery and two USB ports, with which you can charge your devices. The suitcase is made of a three-layer polycarbonate, resistant to physical damage. Bluesmart One has waterproof zippers and wheels without hubs, so they can rotate in any direction. The suitcase has a strong retractable handle for convenient transportation. Bluesmart One has a modern look, it is made in strict black color with blue inserts on the sides.

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