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What You Should Know about Graduation Announcement Etiquette



Graduation Announcement Etiquette: Graduation is a huge milestone in your life. Therefore, you should take the time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished and celebrate with those who mean the most to you.

Besides throwing a party, some prefer to send formal announcements. These aren’t party invitations. Rather, they inform the recipients about the graduation. Graduation is an important day that marks a significant milestone that deserves proper etiquette and formal attention. With a company like MagnetStreet, you have the opportunity to customize your design and make them genuinely distinct.

If you’re looking to enjoy customized announcements that suit your taste, they’re there to help. Meanwhile, you’ll want to adhere to this etiquette when sending your announcements.

Graduation Announcement Etiquette
Graduation Announcement Etiquette


What to Include in the Announcement

The wording you decide to include in your correspondence must reflect your style and personality. Graduation announcements function as the start of a long line of conventional personal correspondence. If done appropriately, they’ll have a personal impact.

You’ll want the announcement to be easy to read, classy, and unique. Besides significant information, an announcement can incorporate an inspirational quote to set the ceremony’s tone and celebrations that follow.

A few graduation wishes or words that highlight the significance of hard work and education would make for an excellent addition to the announcement. Along with aesthetic and tone, you’ll have to integrate some significant logistics in your announcement. You’ll need to maintain clarity and be straightforward while revealing excitement with the included words.

Selecting the Recipients

Before you draft a list of prospective recipients, you’ll have to decide whether to send out announcements as well as an official invitation. If you decide to do both, you could send the invitation to as many people as you want.

You should include distant relatives, close family, and friends who’ll welcome the gesture. Regardless of how lengthy the list is, the announcement should serve as an extension of your life. Just send them to those you care about.


Don’t wait too long to mail the graduation announcements because your guests have to plan their schedules around your big day. They should have a lead-time of at least three weeks. You wouldn’t want them purchasing graduation gifts and booking hotel rooms at the last minute.

If some are flying in for the event, inform them a few months before and then send a formal announcement. They’ll still value the keepsake even if they recognize the dates.

Reasons to send an Announcement

Your friends and family want to know

While some might be aware that you’re graduating, an announcement is an excellent way of keeping them informed and letting them know when you’ll graduate officially.

A means of networking

An announcement can be an excellent way of opening the door to future employment opportunities because people will recognize that you’re officially a graduate seeking work. The announcement is the ideal initial step to developing connections with your family members or parents’ friends who might hold positions in the fields that you’re interested in.

A means of keeping in touch

While platforms such as social media offer a great means of keeping in touch with friends, you should consider those you don’t often see yet are still important in your life. An announcement is thus an excellent way of keeping the communication doors open. Graduation is an important moment in your life. As such, you should celebrate it with those you love by sending out an announcement. For custom announcements, Magnet Street is one such ideal place to go to.

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