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Best Universities in India 2020



India ranks third (after the UK and China) in the number of higher education institutions in the country. The Indian university system was formed under the influence of the Anglo-Saxon and European countries, so it absorbed the experience of the most advanced educational institutions in the world. However, it is obvious that during studying at a university you can often encounter difficulties but lucky for you, there is a college essay writing service, which will help with homework and prevent you from “drowning” in the ocean of studying. And this article, in turn, will help you choose among the best universities in India.

Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

IISc combines the hopes of different elites in India for quality higher education. The institute was founded in 1909 at the initiative of the prominent businessman Tata Jamsheji, the Indian government, and Maharaja Mysore (IISc). From the very beginning, the Indian Science Institute had huge funding from both the public and private sectors, which allowed it to grow to the country’s foremost university. Today, the most famous areas of the institute are materials science and electronic engineering.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

From the middle of the 20th century, technological institutes began to appear in India, formed with the support of other countries as part of a large-scale UNESCO project. IITD was the fifth in the framework of this program. The Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi was founded in 1961 with the support of the United Kingdom (IITD). Soon, the institute was equated with a university, which gave it complete freedom regarding its educational programs and the entire learning process. At the moment, the most popular research at IITD is conducted in the field of electronic engineering and computer science.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)

IITB was the second university in the framework of the UNESCO project: it appeared in 1958 with the assistance of the USSR. Already in 1961, the IITB received the status of an institution of national importance, which indicates the recognition of the university by the Government of India as one of the best (IITB). Many IITB employees and alumni have been awarded prestigious awards at such prizes as the Padma Prize or the Bhatnagar Prize. The best areas of research at IITB are computer science and chemical technology.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)

IITM was created with the support of the German government in 1959. Like other technological institutes, the university is famous for its quality education in the field of technology and natural sciences. Among the areas of the institute, electronic engineering is especially distinguished. IITM attracts many international students because, unlike other technological institutes in India, teaching is conducted exclusively in English.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)

Formed in 1959, IITK has worked closely with such famous American universities as California Institute of Technology, Princeton and the University of Michigan from the very beginning. American experience allowed the institute to quickly take top positions among universities in India. Today, most IITK research is conducted in bioengineering and aerospace technology.

University of Calcutta (CU)

Calcutta University has a strong position in the national academic ranking. The institution is always present in the twenty best Indian universities. A stable presence in the first 5 per cent of the most elite universities in the world also affects the fact that this institution is considered one of the most popular places of study in the country.

In addition to high ratings, the high demand for the university among students is due to the presence of prestigious faculties. The faculty of social sciences is especially distinguished, as well as the direction that prepares managers. This faculty is the pride of the university and, according to the international expertise, takes the honourable 380th place in the world rating of the social sphere of education.

Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

The Hindu University of Banaras is a large educational centre. Within its walls, 22,000 students simultaneously receive various specialities. Foreign citizens can also freely enter an Indian university. They occupy about 2% of all student places. The teaching staff includes 1,800 full-time specialists, some of whom are invited foreign professors and teachers from leading universities of the world (BHU). Students are offered the opportunity to study abroad under the international exchange program. All details can be found on the pages of social networks on the Internet. Students may use for the preparation of scientific literature and periodicals available in the university library. All comers are provided with a student dormitory.

Sum up

In the QS world ranking, 8 Indian universities are in the top 500. Not every European country has such an indicator (for example, in Austria only 4 universities are included in the top 500), and for India, which universities began to grow rapidly only in the 20th century, this is an excellent figure. Among other things, Indian universities are in the leading positions in rankings by region. Today, Indian universities strive to be accessible to every citizen. Thanks to the democratic policy of universities, studying in India will cost a foreigner quite inexpensively, and admission will not require much effort, therefore, considering universities for admission, pay attention to Indian universities.

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