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Billionaire Barber Ramesh Babu and His Success Story



Barber Ramesh Babu

“In the business world, it stated that if you have foresight, are honest and working hard, then nothing can stop you from earning the decent amount of money and also getting rich.” says Barber Ramesh Babu.

Barber Became a Billionaire

Ramesh Babu’s office is in Ejipura, Bengaluru that filled with small cars like Mini Mercs, a Rolls Royce and even a few vintage models. He just collected these from many cities and countries over 24 years it was added when started the office three years ago. Also said his son has a bigger collection at home,”.

Ramesh isn’t just a regular collector of cars and collecting cars is not an unusual hobby. Lined outside his office are dozens of cars which are the luxury that full-sized and not miniatures. Also some not even available in India, all part of Ramesh Tours & Travels are started when Ramesh as a Barber invested in his first car in 1993.

Ramesh was born and raised in Bengaluru, lost his father in 1979 at his early age and found his family marsh in poverty. Ramesh father left a saloon on Brigade Road, and his uncle took care of it and paid ₹5 each day to Ramesh, the entrepreneur recalls. Those early years weren’t easy, as Ramesh, his mother, grandmother, and siblings struggled for even basics like food and clothing.

“Ramesh’s mom took a job as a maid and earned ₹40-50 per month that used for everything, from our fees, books, clothes, and everything. They will get new clothes once a year, and that will be managed the rest with school uniforms including old clothes.”

Once Ramesh was sent back by PT teacher because of trousers were torn, but he couldn’t afford a new one. Ramesh and his family had only one meal every day in the afternoon from what his mother get from work. Taking good meal during a festival was one of his families happiest moments.

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He continued his studies while supporting his family, until his pre-university years took over the saloon, named Inner Space, from his uncle. Barber Ramesh Babu moved into business with no help except the confidence to succeed. He used family savings to restore the saloon and taped in two workers to run the place.  For him, it takes three months of pursuance when a chance visit turned Ramesh towards hairstyling himself.

Barber Ramesh Babu

Barber Ramesh Babu

As Ramesh took up hairstyling himself, the business began to gesture and a year later and began to take a step for hairstyling courses to hone his seemingly natural talent. Barber Ramesh Babu went to Singapore and did a course with Toni & Guy.

Ramesh Tours & Travels – A New Venture

After the Saloon start running successfully, he thinks outside the box, and he always wanted to buy a car, adding that his first vehicle a Maruti van initially it was intended for personal use. Rushed for Loan with grandfather’s help needs and raise a contract on the family house.

The purchase came with steep EMIs, and he began to rent out his car to raise the amount. Even though he sit in saloon and customers would often take the vehicle on rent. He received his first business contract from the top company Intel, through a family for whom his mother worked.

As he slowly but Steadily assembled a sizeable customer base, Ramesh realized the possible of operating a high-end automobile rental service and began to build a development of cars.

Barber Ramesh Babu

Barber Ramesh Babu

In the middle of his car business, time of the 2000s, Ramesh received an offer from Mercedes India to buy a model. He had been kept eyes on the models for a few years and saw an opportunity. He put together his small savings and built the rest of the amount from a bank loan.

The EMI rates were high, and he was scared. But at that time, nobody else invested this much of money in cars like these and had an advantage. The business went well, and the year later, he bought a second Mercedes model.

“Running a business like this can be scary when things come to a sudden halt. In 2011 he bought Rolls-Royce which was expensive and the government levied heavy taxes. He was almost bankrupted and even mortgaged his wife’s jewellery. People in surrondings told him to sell the car. But he kept trying and one and half years later he finally managed to succeed again.” 

Contradictory to the famous concept, the Ghost ranks lower in Barber Ramesh Babu list of favorites. “His favorite is the Contessa,” that reveals. “It discontinued now, but it was the second car he ever bought.”

Barber Ramesh Babu

Barber Ramesh Babu

Ramesh Tours & Travels now also operates in capital cities like Chennai and Delhi, and the entrepreneur hopes to subdue Hyderabad and Vijayawada in future shortly. Also, a team working on maximizing the company’s online presence. Along with a jaw-dropping fleet, he has earned many awards but come mornings and over the weekends, still, find him giving haircuts at his salon for ₹150.

For his tough journey, faced many ups and downs and the man who truly earned the title named Billionaire Barber. He always told to work harder, and everything comes together.

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