Terra Overtakes Tesla as the Second-Largest Corporate BTC Holder After a $1.5B Purchase

Terra Overtakes Tesla

The Luna Foundation Guard acquired around $1.5 billion in Bitcoin for bolstering the reserves of their most famous stable coin called U.S. Terra. Terra committed to filling up all coffers with the digital currency Bitcoin. It got solidified again with another purchase of $1.5 billion. The project had made a pledge of buying over $10 million priced Bitcoin for serving as a reserve for its stablecoin. It is how it boosts the standing foundation when it is about corporations holding the digital currency. Investors should have a vast knowledge and are using tools like the Bitcoin Smarter trading site.

Terra has more Bitcoin compared to Tesla

  • Stablecoins are crypto with an aim of pegging their market value to some more stable asset.
  • Luna Foundation Guard’s latest transaction brings it much closer to its aim to accumulate $10 billion Bitcoin for backing the UST or U.S. Terra stablecoin.
  • Before Terra started its spree of buying Bitcoin, there were other corporate bodies which already started to do it.
  • MicroStrategy, Tesla, and Galaxy Digital are some of the names.
  • The first one leads as the company has the largest Bitcoin holdings.
  • The second position has been retained by Tesla until now.
  • After its most current buy, Terra is now the second-largest company holding Bitcoin.
  • It beat out Tesla for this title.
  • This deal got carried out as one over-the-counter buy along with crypto broker Genesis and a crypto venture capital and a trading firm named the Three Arrows Capital.
  • The Luna Foundation Guard that started to accumulate Bitcoin earlier in 2022 ramped up its purchase.
  • This has been one of the quickest accumulation trends of one corporate Bitcoin holder.
  • In February its first buy took place and now almost after three months, this non-profit foundation is holding a total of Bitcoin worth 80,393.
  • Everything comes to a 2.9 billion dollar value during its last buy.
  • It is now holding nearly double Tesla’s holding that presently sitting at 48000 Bitcoin.
Terra Overtakes Tesla

Dwelling on its promise

  • Terra’s founder Do Kwon declared that the foundation has been planning to purchase $10 billion priced Bitcoin for its treasury.
  • They were not sure of when to do it.
  • All participants in this space predicted that it may take some time before they started to buy the coins.
  • But Terra moved fast forwards to begin.
  • It gradually included Bitcoin in its treasury and within three months it bought over a quarter of $10 million in Bitcoin.
  • Additionally, Terra included another crypto in its treasury.
  • It turned around to Avalanche purchasing a total of around $200 million.
  • This trade was directly carried out with the Foundation of Avalanche.
  • The reserves of the Luna Foundation Guard grew to $3.23 billion.
  • Its 90.7 % was made up of Bitcoin with 80,393 Bitcoin, all worth $2.93 billion.
  • The second-largest portion is made up by Luna with $123.63 million.
  • It makes up 4.2 $ of Avalanche at 3.5 %, Tether at 0.8 %, and USD coin at 0.7%.


The price of Bitcoin recently fell by 9.1 %. The governance token of the blockchain of Terra, Luna slid 7.3 %. These moves took place alongside a wide and sharp fall for stocks. Bitcoin’s corporate purchasing can hugely influence its value and space. Increased demands from institutions lead to added liquidity along with interest for a longer duration. In the meantime, this asset class got validated. Other than paddling all reserves, they are on a mission of bridging a gap between conventional finance and cryptocurrency native platforms or protocols. There is a corner of the crypto market that is usually institutional. They are waiting on a few things such as buying Bitcoin, putting it in cold storage, or carrying out CME futures on the Bitcoin. These are the disjointed market parts. Genesis is working hard to bridge this gap and let a lot of institutional capital become a part of the competitive world. Genesis has been of the biggest wholesale lending crypto businesses. By taking part in such a transaction along with the Luna Foundation Guard, this company will be building their reserves in UST and Luna and making use of them for interacting with their borrowing counterparties. They may look to have access to the ecosystem of crypto on a risky freeway. It will be enabling Genesis in distributing some of the assets of Terra to counterparties facing challenges to accept such assets on any exchange.

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