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Koha Bird Sound, Female, Species, Origin, Cost, Facts



Koha Bird

Koha is a South-Asia bird famous for its beautiful sound. It is considered a mainly resident species in Sri Lanka. The male Koha almost looks like a crow. According to reports, these birds have huge demand in Indian pet markets. Koha mainly prefers to live on fruit-giving trees. Indian gooseberry is the primary food source for this bird.

Koha bird details

Binomial NameEudynamys scolopaceus

Koha Bird Facts

  • Amazing adoption strategy: Female Koha birds do not prefer to hatch their eggs so they kept their egg in a crow’s nest by using a tricky strategy.
  • Life Span: 14 years is the minimum life span of a healthy Koha.
  • Female Koha does not have the capacity to build a nest.
  • A few years before, the Puducherry union territory government announced Koha as its state bird.
  • History: We can see the information about this bird in the ancient Indian book Manusmrithi. The book positively mentioned that these birds as humans should take care of them.
  • Baby birds need a minimum of 12 days required to break their egg to see the works.

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