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Best Coronavirus Prevention Masks To Buy



Coronavirus Mask

The new deadly coronavirus that emerged in the Hubei Province of China is dominating headlines today. The officials have confirmed 1,06,893 cases across the world and nearly 3,639 people have lost their life due to this virus. In India, 43 people including 16 Italians have been affected by this deadly virus (by 9th March 2020).

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The people get panic due to the deadly virus and all are raising questions regarding the precautionary measures. Though the virus spreading through the air, it is better to wear a mask to prevent it from entering the respiratory system of the human body.

Coronavirus Mask
Coronavirus Prevention Masks

In India, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended people to wear masks in public. The CDC recommends that health workers who communicate with coronavirus patients should wear N95 masks.

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Pollution Safe

N95 Mask Price: Rs. 249 (pack of 1), Rs. 449 (Pack of 2), Rs. 699 (Pack of 3)

Pollution Safe is an N95 mask that has four-layered filtration Anti Pollution and Anti Dust Mask for Men and Women. It helps to filter out 95 per cent of pollutants and toxins.

Get Pollution Safe Mask from


Price: Rs 220

BodyGuard is N99 Grade Mask which filters PM2.5 particles. One of the good features is that the mask is Washable / Reusable. BodyGuard Mask comes with 6 layers of filtration.

Get BodyGuard Mask from

3M Mask

Price: Rs 140

3M 8511 N95 Respirator mask is a certified mask that has 95 percent efficiency with optimum filtration.

Get 3M Mask from

Repeller N99

Price: Rs. 499

This one also offers good protection from air pollution. It comes with an N99 carbon filter rated to filter PM 2.5 particles. Moreover, it has adjustable straps and washable.

Get Repeller N99 Mask from

Repeller N99
Repeller N99

3M 9332+ Aura Disposable Respirator Mask

Price: Rs 150

The 3MTM AuraTM 9300+ Series disposable respirator 9332+ offers comfort and style without compromising performance.

Get 3M 9332+ Aura Disposable Respirator Mask from

3M 9332+ Aura Disposable Respirator Mask
3M 9332+ Aura Disposable Respirator Mask

Vritraz Mask

Price: Rs 175

Vritraz mask can filter 98% of the dust, chemicals, smoke and particles. Advantages of this mask are Lightweight, adjustable and comfortable.

Get Vritraz Mask from

Vritraz N95
Vritraz N95

Tdas Anti Pollution Mask

Price: Rs 749

Tdas brings you a wide range of air pollution safety masks which comes with active carbon filters. They are capable of filtering out dust particles of various sizes.

Get Tdas Anti Pollution Mask from

Honeywell Face Mask

Price: Rs. 553 (Pack of 5)

Honeywell is one of the cheapest masks that offer PM2.5 anti-pollution masks. You can find various models based on the design and valve option.

Get Honeywell Face Mask from

Teeny Weeny Mask

Price: Rs 225 (Pack of 2) for Children

Teeny Weeny Reusable Anti Pollution Mask comes with 2 activated carbon filters. This mask can filter 98% of the dust, chemicals, particulates, gas, pollen, smoke and fumes.

Get Teeny Weeny Mask from

Teeny Weeny Mask
Teeny Weeny Mask

Above mentioned masks block PM 2.5 dust, haze, bacteria, influenza viruses, filtration rate up to 95 per cent.

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