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8 Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas



Wedding Video Invitation Ideas

Marriage is the celebration of the union of two souls with the blessings of family and friends. It is a beautiful story that starts with a wedding invitation. Wedding invitations are picturesque of the love bond between the couple. There is no specific theme for a wedding invitation, and it can be formal, fun, traditional, or grand. But getting the perfect template that matches your expectations is a daunting task.

Moreover, people want a perfect paperless wedding invitation for their marriage, expressing their beautiful love story and seeking your presence on all occasions. Thus wedding video invitations are booming up and replacing formal wedding invitation cards.

There are many benefits associated with a wedding video invitation.

  1. They are reproducible.
  2. We can send it through mail to any number of people.
  3. It saves time.
  4. They are eco-friendly.
  5. It is budget-friendly.
  6. Guests can access the details on their smartphones.

Here are some ideas for your wedding video invitation

  1. Record a video message inviting everyone for the marriage uniquely and lovingly.
  2. Similarly, record audio for the background and keep it aside.
  3. You can add small messages in your voice and add them in the background.

With these things ready, you can choose a template from popular video makers like InVideo, or any other video makers available on the internet.

1) Theme-based invitations

Themes can be anything from a color to a style. You can use your favorite video game as the theme for your wedding if you want. It is the best part of theme-based wedding videos. If the couple likes a movie, then you can use the music and concept of the movie as the theme. Every single detail related to the theme is added with utmost care in the video, and you will get a new look at the movie in the invitation.

Like theme parties, you can arrange theme weddings and invitations.

2) Monochrome color invitations

Monochrome color invitations will add a royal touch to the invitation videos. Black and white video with a touch of golden color complements the entire palette. These invitations will impress your guests for sure. You can also use green, blue, or yellow shades with a clean, professional design for the invitation.

3) Floral video templates

From hanging the flowers in the ceilings and walls to using it in their wedding cake, flowers occupy a major part of the wedding across the world. Floral themes match wedding ceremonies than other occasions. Flowers can say more about the bride and groom than any other material. Make your favorite flower as the theme for your wedding video and the ceremony. It is one unique way to match your floral arrangements with the invitation video. Sunflower, red rose, lavender, or tulips are some of the common examples of flower-themed invitation videos.

4) Traditional wedding invitations

Weddings are grand celebrations with ceremonies and announcements with a traditional touch. Traditional wedding invitation videos are the hottest and most sought-after than other invitation videos. Major video makers have thousands of templates dedicated to traditional weddings. There are traditional and personalized wedding templates for every community, religion, and ethnic group. These templates will rejoice both the couple and the family members as they represent the cultural state beautifully. It makes the guests visualize the entire ceremony beforehand.

5) 3-D wedding video invitations

3D wedding videos will dazzle your loved ones from the start. They are much suitable for your unique wedding style. 3D videos are more eye-catching than other types of invitations. Use this occasion to share your love story with music, photos, and texts. Add your destination map in the invitation video and help the relatives and friends to be on time for the marriage place. It will create a big impression on your guests. Using caricatures in the wedding video is one of the notable pieces in 3D wedding cards. The animated couple looks adorable and brings a smile to the guests’ faces.

6) Stop-motion video invitation templates

Stop-motion videos contain one or more objects that move very little and eye-catching. You have to be very patient while creating this invitation as it requires more time. These videos are created with things around the couple. It consumes extra money than other invitation videos, but they are worthy of the result. The massive effect it shows at the end will keep your invitation deep inside every guest’s heart for years.

7) All about seasons – wedding invitations:

Seasons divide a year into four-part but create many memories for all. Celebrating your wedding in your favorite season creates treasured memories for your lifetime. Seasons often lead to destination weddings. Select a season and set the stage. You can use the same theme for wedding videos, celebrations, food, and cake. It will mesmerize the entire moment in everyone’s heart. Some of the best season wedding invitations will include the scenery, venue shots, summer beaches, winter fog, spring morning dews, and autumn leaves.

8) Save the date video invitations

Save the date templates are available in almost all video maker apps, and you can create your invitation in less than 10 minutes. You can also go the extra mile to explain your love story in an animated theme and pop-ups. Create the story with a timeline and add the details to it. First date, first vocation, the engagement, and the welcome home photos or videos can be used to make it lively. Add the date, time, venue, and ceremony details to the video. Save the date template has more options for customization than other templates.

Final Words

The challenging task of inviting everyone to your wedding is made simple with the wedding video invitation. Use a wedding invitation maker to create your video and send it on email or Whatsapp and stay relaxed.

The extra benefits of wedding video invitations are that you can add songs, video clips, and personal photos. Video invitations are the latest trend for inviting everyone to the wedding. We hope you have got the right template and idea for your wedding through our article.

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