Capital Safety or Returns – How to Invest Right?

investment options
investment options

When you go through different stages of life, financial responsibilities also transform steadily. A young investor may have a completely different investment plan than someone in their late 40s. This is an important aspect to consider regarding investment plans because it generally impacts an investor’s risk tolerance.

An investor’s risk appetite refers to their ability to withstand the degree of variance in the returns from their investment options. When you are putting together an investment plan at any life stage, it is crucial to be realistic about your risk tolerance. In case you overestimate your tolerance for risky investment options, you might end up making unfavorable decisions.

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Choosing a suitable investment plan depends highly on your financial profile. The income source, financial obligations, and standard of living are some of the key points to be considered. It is crucial to understand your situation to assess the amount of risk you can take, thereby prioritizing capital safety or returns.

In this situation, it is in your best interest to go over the critical elements of a sound investment plan. Generally, you should be looking at the following investment options:

1. ULIPs

Among a wide variety of investment options available today, Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIPs) has become fairly popular. This is because it is an innovative product that combines the benefits of insurance and an investment plan. When you invest in a ULIP, you pay a certain amount of premium to keep the policy afloat.

The difference between ULIP and a standard life insurance plan is how the premium amount is used. In this insurance cum investment plan, a portion of the premium goes into securing life coverage and another for investment purposes. It also gives you a great deal of flexibility to choose the funds you wish to invest in.

A distinctive feature of a ULIP is that it offers something for investors with varying risk appetites. The availability of several funds ensures that there are investment options to cater to diverse financial profiles.

Although it is noteworthy that ULIPs are essentially a long-term investment. It is advisable to be patient with such market-linked investment plans that can yield greater results in the long run.

2. Guaranteed Income Plan

A guaranteed income plan is a variant of a traditional life insurance policy that allows you to create an income source for the future. This type of investment plan is suitable for risk-averse investors who need the assurance of financial stability.

With these types of investments, you can get the coverage of a life insurance plan and guaranteed earnings. The returns from this plan are paid in the form of payouts at regular intervals and at a specific frequency, be it monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly chosen at the time of buying the investment plan.

You can receive the income from this investment plan for a specified period that is usually between 10-30 years. Since the earnings from a guaranteed income plan are not market-linked, it is a safer investment choice.

3. Life Insurance Plan

Most people are aware of the importance of life insurance in an investment plan. When you are working on a financial plan, it is one of the vital additions to it. Not to mention that the increased threats to our life have made it even more imperative to get life protection. Globally, India is currently the 10th largest life insurance market.

Most people are aware that life insurance plans are a tool to create a financial safety net around your loved ones. You can choose a sum assured amount at the time of plan purchase that will be payable to them in the unfortunate event of your demise. However, there are different types of life insurance policies that can do more than that.

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For instance, you can get a Term Insurance with Return of Premium (TROP) to ensure maturity and a death benefit from the plan. Similarly, other plans like ULIPs are modified life insurance products that provide enhanced benefits.

Create A Suitable Investment Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Given the kind of lifestyle we lead today, financial stability is crucial to be stress-free and happy. Hence, understanding your capacity to take risks is vital to make a sound investment plan and grow your savings.

You should be well informed about the investment options suitable to your profile to make the right decision. Creating an extensive investment portfolio strengthens your financial shield against unforeseeable circumstances.

Furthermore, there are tax benefits to the investment options you can avail of to reduce the present financial burden. Make sure to review your goals appropriately to avoid any disappointment with the investment decisions.

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