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7 effective tips for writing a biography about yourself



biography about yourself

A biography can be described as detailed information about a person’s life that is written in the third person. Details will include things like where the person was born, their school life, and their hobbies.

When writing a biography, the writer has to focus on how the subject has impacted the lives of people around him, hurdles faced and how they overcame, and how it can be applied in the present life. Biographies are not only for famous people but anyone influential including yourself. Below are 7 effective tips for writing a biography about yourself.

Start by introducing yourself

When writing a biography about yourself, the first thing is to make the audience know who you are. Start by stating your name before going into detail about what you have achieved. Many people overlook this step when they are writing personal biographies.

Since the introduction is supposed to be brief and interesting, give an in-depth description of your particular position. Keep in mind that you need not only to appear like a professional but also like a human being.

biography about yourself

Monitor number of words

Before starting to write your biography, think of the number of words you would like to write. Do not just type till you reach the end. Think about how many words you would like the biography to have (it can vary as you go along, subject to your main focus).

For search engine optimization, the more words, the better. Always check the word limit if you are writing in the bio part of a profile. This will guide you on the number of words you should have. If the bio is for your website, it is advisable to have more words. The minimum number of words should be at least 500, but if you write 2000 words, that is great.

If you look at it from the branding point of view, your bio should be brief and to the point. Remember, the word count can change as you continue writing. Take into account your objectives when writing your bio. 

Use the third person when writing

It may sound strange writing your bio in the third person when you are beginning. One advantage of using the third person when writing your biography is it lets you use your full name when writing. The web directory is aware that this long, unique, and beautifully written text refers to you. It comes in handy when dealing with search engine optimization.

Word of caution, do not overuse your name as this comes out as peculiar. The web directory might assume that the content is spam or a poorly written article when you use your name too much. Use your names where applicable.

Write a narrative, not a checklist

Refrain from itemizing your achievements when writing a biography. Unlike your resume, your biography should go into details about what you did to achieve your prizes and focus on the main objective of explaining who you are.

Ask yourself a few questions such as, who is your target reader? What is the main objective and what will the reader get out of it? What are the occasions in your life that bring out these points? Narrate the story in a way that is appealing to the reader.

The only way to write a great story is by practicing. If you write your biography as a story, you get to separate yourself from other people and this will make you connect with your audience. 

Edit, evaluate, and keep it updated regularly

Your online biography should be updated regularly as it is an important article about you. It should always speak positively about you and this work is never truly finished because it keeps changing as you age.

As you change your professional goals and get more experience, ensure the bio is updated. You can also ask people around you to read and edit your biography. This is a continuing process and should be updated regularly.

Provide samples of your work

After choosing your target audience, provide samples of your work that relates to what you are writing about. A personal bio is a great tool for advertisement. As much as a lot of people are eager to know how to write a bio well, they are unaware that they can use it as a marketing tool. If need be, address a professional academic writing service whose experts will help you write a great bio from scratch.

A good way of telling your story is to provide examples such as merchandise, enterprises, or service. However, avoid overloading your bio with links of previous work but only use where it relates to something you want to illustrate as overusing it makes it unnatural. If you have a number of samples, simply select the ones that stand out and narrate your story.

Give out our contact information 

One way of getting new connections when you are done writing your bio is by including a way you can be contacted. This can be via email, contact page link, or simply your links to different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

The audience feels they can connect with you at any time and should you see fit, you can create links that direct them to more information about you and your achievements.

Writing a good biography takes a lot of time and should not be rushed through. Start by writing bullet points of what you need to write before starting. This is an easy place to refer back to at any time. As you type, check your word count and do not include too much fluff. Everything that you highlight in the bio as a personal achievement should be related to the topic and make you appear in good light. Editing should be done with free tools that are available online to give you a final product that is appealing to the audience. Ensure to provide links to your previous work.

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