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10 Myths about Card Games that Aren’t True



Card Games

Online card games have evolved over the years, and they have also gained massive popularity. They’re among the most popular online games of all time.

By playing card games online, you also get an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of games available. The choices range from rummy games to blackjack and poker, and many more!

Since every game has its specific sets of rules and regulations, certain myths are sometimes associated with them. Things we’ve heard but not really sure if they’re true.

Card Games

Why not clear this confusion and play with a new zeal to win?

Here, we bust some popular myths associated with card games:

1. Lucky Number 52

A majority of the card games involve some form of calculation, whether it is in the middle of the game or while predicting the result. Some traditional Asian beliefs say that everyone should try to use the number 52 while playing the game. The reason behind this is that number 52 represents the number of weeks in a calendar year. It is said that by using this number, you will be blessed by divine forces!

2. A Card Game is Based on Luck

One of the most common and old myths is that any card game is purely based on luck. This could be misguiding. Rummy game is not a luck-based game but involves skills and intelligence. Winning a rummy game is based on how well you strategize and play it.

3. Card Games Can be Addictive

You might often hear that card games can be extremely addictive. Hence, it is best to avoid them. But there is no scientific evidence that can prove the same.

In fact, playing card games makes you happy and uplifts your mood to a great extent. Choose popular online gaming sites like Adda52Rummy that offer cash prizes and other rewards to keep you engaged and motivated.

4. Card Games Make You Unsociable

This is not true, as people who have played rummy games online claimed they made friends quickly. With facilities like chat rooms and other interactive platforms used by the players, it is easier to interact with new people. You will get an opportunity to interact with new and different people and expand your social circle.

5. It is a Time Waster

For some, card games are a mere waste of time and energy. However, this is certainly not true. Card games contribute actively towards cognitive development, along with other benefits and advantages.
Use your free time constructively by playing such games that can help in strengthening your analytical skills.

6. Need To Deposit Large Sums of Money

Enjoy online gaming by paying a small amount of money. Many online card gaming portals like Adda52Rummy provide facilities like a joining bonus and low stack tables for those who cannot afford it. Otherwise, they also provide you with the option of free online rummy games. Play and practice on these to master the game!

7. Requires High-end Laptops and Other Devices

It is extremely easy to access online card games from your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. All that you require is an internet connection with good speed and bandwidth along with access to Play Store or Apple Store on your device, and you are good to go!

8. Fake rewards are offered

Not all online gaming portals are fake. But just for your benefit, keep an eye out for the fake ones. Read reviews about gaming portals online, see what others’ experiences have been. These reviews are of experienced players hence will ensure the gaming website’s credibility. Simultaneously, there are leading gaming portals like Adda52Rummy offering rewards and vouchers to keep you engaged.

9. Bribing the Dealers will Get You Better Cards

This common myth is entirely false. It is not possible for a dealer to know what cards the player gets. It is based on luck and on how skillfully you play the game with those cards.

10. Unsafe to Use Credit Cards

It is true that you should avoid using your credit card online on unreliable sites. However, if you are associated with a reputable and trustworthy gaming portal, there is no need for you to worry. These gaming portals are licensed and registered with the government authorities, and the concerned authorities use security software to safeguard your personal and financial details.

Play it to Believe it

Getting discouraged from playing card games is possible if you believed in these myths. Instead of falling prey to these myths, it is crucial to educate yourself to stop believing in them. Now, with all the confusion cleared up, you can explore gaming websites and enjoy without any worry! Popular online portals like Adda52Rummy enable you to play rummy online as well as on a downloaded app. Win cash prizes and a joining bonus on the website.

Play and enjoy the game without any fear! Thank for visiting

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