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Ugadi Festival 2017, Telugu New Year Celebrated By Hindu People




Ugadi Festival 2017, Ugadi is the Telugu New Year celebrated by all Hindu people. The Telugu people are celebrating the Ugadi on 29th April. This year we are engaging the Telugu New Year Hevalambi. The festival is primarily celebrated to encourage the New Year as per Telugu calendar. On the jockey of Ugadi people specially perform pooja to all gods to bless with the joy and courage throughout the entire year. Hindus prepare a detail dish mixing all the six flavors of sweet, sour, acrid, pungent, salty and bitter tastes. Earlier Gudi Padwa was celebrated on 28th March.

Ugadi also called as Yugadi or Samvathsaradi. The Ugadi word is imitative from a Sanskrit word Yug ( Age) Aadi ( begin), that implies the bursting forth of the new age. The festival is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa. The festival is called as Ugadi or Smavathsaradi in states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, whereas it is called as Yugadi in Karnataka and Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra.

Ugadi Festival

Hindu’s rejoice this great festival by praying the god, going to temples, and making individual dishes

After celebrating the Holi, Ugadi is the most famous festival. Especially Hindu’s celebrate this great festival by praying the god, going to temples, and making separate dishes. People usually expectation for the Good luck on this day. Ugadi Panchanga Sravanam plays a significant role in Ugadi festival. The predictions regarding this new year, i.e., whether the Hevilambi Nama Samvatsaram is right or wrong will be mentioned at the time of the Panchanga Sravanam which will be done on the day of  Ugadi. People can know their tarot, predictions on the day of Ugadi.

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Ugadi is the majority loved Hindu festival that is occurring appreciated by many of the Hindus. The Ugadi festival is known in other names too. Samvatsaradi, Yugadi are the two traditional representations used to Ugadi. This year the Hevilambi Telugu year is impending as per LUNAR Calendar.  The Ugadi festival is renowned in a lot of states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and in different other places. In Karnataka, people call festival with the name of Yugadi. In Maharashtra, this festival is called s Gudi Padwa.


Most of the Hindus celebrate this festival by offering pooja to God, and by providing a lot of unique dishes to God

Annually this Ugadi festival will be eminent in March/ April months as per Lunar calendar. Many of the Hindu Pandits used to say Panchangam on this day. Panchangam is nothing but the estimate about the happenings in coming days. The Pandits appraise according to some astrological methods and predicts the future days. They reveal about how the agriculture will be? How is the economy going to be? How will the politics be? Etc other predictions as per Astrology. Also, the original tarot as per Hindu calendar will be said by the Pandits. On the day of Ugadi morning, people riveted listen to these Ugadi Panchangam predictions.

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Also, people will go to temple on the Day of Ugadi. Most of the Hindus celebrate this festival by offering pooja to God, and by providing a lot of unique dishes to God. People implores the God to give the peace and courage for future. On the day of Ugadi citizens in Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana States will make a particular dish, Ugadi Pachchadi with all the ingredients of sour, sweet, salty, acrid,  bitter, and pungent taste. Initially, people used to offer this dish for God and later they will have it. On the day of Ugadi people cast off to exchange the wishes and greetings. Wishing one and all the known people in the event of Ugadi will give great pleasure.

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