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Top 7 Favorite Lottery-themed Feel-Good Movies


Tired of trying your luck to hit that one jackpot you always dreamt of? But don’t let your heart sink because there is something to cheer you up. Or perhaps even help you with some great tricks for winning the lottery you were long eyeing on. Here’s a list of lottery-themed movies featuring the life-changing events of some ordinary people. So while you wait for your big day, sit back and enjoy these remarkable movies.

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Welcome to Me

This 2014 American dark comedy was directed by Shira Piven – starring Kristen Wiig as a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder. Alice is a fanatic who spends most of her time watching talk shows and buying lottery tickets.

Just one fine day, she hit a jackpot of $86million in the California lottery. Gleamed with all the money, Alice stops with her psychiatric treatment and decides to pay for her talk show. Alice’s misadventures amidst the hustle of gaining fame and the audience make up for an amazing comedy.

Lucky Numbers

Inspired by the 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal, lucky numbers narrates the story of a financially struggling weatherman Russ (John Travolta). In order to dodge this financial crisis, his friend Gig (Tim Roth) persuades him to rig the Pennsylvania Lottery.

For this, Gig suggests taking the help of a famous model Crystal (Lisa Kudrow), who picks the winning lottery numbers on TV. However, the movie couldn’t make it to Nora Ephron’s best hit. But it can be worth a one time watch.

29th Street

29th Street is a 1992 American comedy-drama based on true life events. The story revolves around Frank Pesce Jr. (Anthony LaPaglia), who is born with a gift of gold fortune. At the time of Pesce’s birth, his mother was supposed to be assisted in one hospital. But instead, she went to another.

Later we find that the former hospital was put on fire. The scene narrated the first instance, addressing Pesce’s good luck.

In contrast to this is his father, Frank Pesce (Danny Aiello), a very hard-working man yet cursed by fate. Hence, he is jealous of his lucky son. The plot twist comes when Frank Pesce wins the New York State lottery.

If I had a Million

In this classic, a renowned steel tycoon (Richard Benett) decides to leave his money to eight random strangers. No, this was not anything about altruism. Rather, he just wanted to save his inheritance from being taken over by his greedy family.

Among the chosen recipients, there is:

  • An entertainer (W.C. Fields) who uses the money to put bad drivers off the road.
  • An office clerk who eventually decides to quit his job and start afresh.
  • A marine who’s still awestruck by this great gesture and believes it to be an April fool’s Day prank.

Hereafter the movie shows how the lucky recipients use the million dollars to turn around their lives and fortune.

It could happen to you

This 90’s romantic comedy stars Charlie Lang (played by Nicolas Cage), a police officer, and Yvonne (played by Bridget Fonda), a waitress. Charlie is shown visiting a restaurant where he’s out of cash to pay for a tip for the waitress.

He then hands a lottery ticket to Yvonne, with an assurance to split the cash prize. They hit the jackpot worth $4 million, whereafter the winnings are equally shared. The plot of the story is based on a true story.

Finder’s fee

Finder’sfee by Jeff Probst tells the story of Tepper (Erik Palladino), who finds a wallet on the street road. Tepper contacts the owner of the wallet (James Earl Jones). Upon this, he discovers that inside the wallet is a lottery ticket that is worth millions of dollars.

The action takes place when Tepper’s friends arrive for their regular poker game placing higher stakes than ever. This dodges the question of what Tepper would do with the winning lottery ticket.

Waking Ned Devine

This 1998 Indie film is a tale of two friends Michael O’ Sullivan (David Kelly) and Jackie O’ Shea (Ian Bannen). The pair finds that Ned Divine, an elderly man of their village, has hit the jackpot. However, upon visiting his house, Michael and Jackie find the newly made millionaire dead from the shock.

As per the lottery rules, Ned is required to claim his cash prize, but the villagers are too reluctant to give up the money. Heeding this, they all plan to convince and trick the inspector that Michael O’ Sullivan is actually Ned Divine. Well, this is nowhere among the right tricks for winning the lottery anyway.


These films might kick in your interest back to playing the lottery to secure that big one. You never know when your cinematic fantasy may come true, weaving the plot of the next big film. So, now buck up and get started.

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