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Happy Ayudha Pooja (2022): Wishes, Quotes, Images



Happy Ayudha Pooja

Ayudha Pooja is an important Hindu festival that is traditionally celebrated in India. This day is also called “Astra Puja”, which means “Worship of Instruments”. In 2022, the day was celebrated on 4th October (Tuesday). It is a part of the Navratri festival which is traditionally celebrated in India. The celebration of this day mainly focused on one’s profession and its related tools. On this auspicious occasion, people worship goddesses Sakthi, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvathi with various equipment. On this day, soldiers worship weapons and artisans worship with their tools to perform well and for getting rewards for their work.


Happy Ayudha Pooja

Ayudha Pooja is Celebrated in Different parts of India under Different names.

It is celebrated in Tamil Nadu as Ayudha Pujai (Tamil: ஆயுத பூஜை)

It is celebrated in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as Aayudha Pooja (Telugu: ఆయుధ పూజ)

It is celebrated in Kerala as Ayudha Puja (Malayalam: ആയുധ പൂജ)

It is celebrated in Odisha as Astra Puja (Odia: ଅସ୍ତ୍ର ପୂଜା) or “Ayudha Puja”

It is celebrated in  Marathi as Shastra Puja (Marathi: आयुध पूजा/ खंडे नवमी)

It is celebrated in Maharashtra as Ayudha Puja/ Khande Navami”

It is celebrated in Karnataka as “Ayudha Puje” (Kannada: ಆಯುಧ ಪೂಜೆ).

The Ayudha Pooja festival falls on the 9th day or Navami. The bright half of Moon’s cycle of 15 days in the month of October, and is popularly a part of the Dasara, Navaratri, Durga Puja, or Golu festival.

On the ninth day of the Dasara festival, weapons and tools are worshipped.

In Karnataka state, the function is for the killing of the demon king Mahishasura by goddess Chamundeshwari. After the slaying of the demon lord, the weapons that were used are kept out for devotions.

While Navaratri celebration is witnessed all over the country but in SouthIndian states, where it is widely observed as Ayudha Pooja.

Happy Ayudha Pooja / Saraswathi Pooja Greetings

  • May the divine grace of Goddess be with you, Goddess Saraswati is the Light of hope and Peace, and May Goddess Saraswati Bless you with Knowledge and Wisdom.
  • My Heartiest good wishes to All members of your family on the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja. May Lord Saraswati shower blessings. Happy Saraswati & Ayudha Puja.
  • On this special Day, we Celebrate valor & courage, Triumph over good over evil, and wish you success & happiness in Everything you do. Happy Ayudha Puja.
  • May Goddess Saraswati and Durga shower their blessings on your good health and prosperity. Let the Dasara/Dushhera festival brighten our minds with good thoughts Saraswati Pooja, Ayudha Pooja, and Durga Pooja wishes to one and all.
  • On this auspicious occasion, let’s connect our divine workforce to serve our clients with highly focused and dedicated performance to brighten our bonding.

Happy Ayudha Pooja Wishes

  • Warm greetomgs pm Ayudha Pooja. Heartfelt wishes to everyone and may you work really hard to achieve all your dreams.
  • On this special day, as we honor heroism and bravery, the triumph of good over evil, we wish you success and happiness in all that you do. Happy Ayudha Puja to you!
  • God be with you all in the good work you do, warm wishes for long success.
  • Warm wishes of Durga Navami to all, May the blessing of Durga lead you on the right path and help you in all your efforts.
  • We kneel to her to seek blessings on this propitious occasion of Durga Navami. Maa Durga, the universal mother is a representation of power. Jai Mata Di

Happy Ayudha Pooja Images

Check out the latest images of Ayudha Pooja,

Happy Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja
Ayudha Pooja
Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja
Happy Ayudha Pooja

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