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Breaking Bank: The Influence of Finance on the Entertainment Industry



The Influence of Finance on the Entertainment Industry

The world of banking and finance, with its rollercoaster-like ups and downs and larger-than-life characters, has been a goldmine for the entertainment industry. Over the years, finance has played a pivotal role in influencing storytelling across multiple platforms. The industry’s complex inner workings, rags-to-riches narratives, and high-stakes drama have inspired plots, shaped characters, and lent an intriguing dimension to various forms of entertainment.

Banking on the Big Screen

In the realm of cinema, the banking and finance sector has been fertile ground for storylines. Films like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Big Short” have delved into the world of finance, using real-life events to create compelling narratives. These movies provide glimpses into the tumultuous lives of stockbrokers and the implications of financial crises, capturing the attention of audiences worldwide.

Another brilliant portrayal of banking is found in the 2016 film “Hell or High Water.” Here, a bank serves as the main antagonist, triggering a series of events that rise to two brothers resorting to bank robbery to secure their family’s future. The financial world becomes a character itself, shaping the narrative and driving the plot.

Finance in the Spotlight

The banking sector’s influence extends beyond the silver screen and into the theater. Productions like “Enron” and “Junk” have explored corporate finance’s darker side, using their narratives to critique the system. Moreover, the razzle-dazzle of Wall Street has often been a backdrop for musicals, with “Other People’s Money” being a classic example.

Even stand-up comedians have used the banking industry as fodder for their routines. John Oliver, a prominent figure in comedy, frequently satirizes the world of finance on his show “Last Week Tonight,” presenting complex issues like cryptocurrency in a humorous and accessible manner.

Banking in the Virtual World

Perhaps one of the more surprising places where the theme of banking has made a mark is the online entertainment space. Games that incorporate financial themes have seen a surge in popularity, demonstrating that banking’s influence knows no bounds. A perfect example of this trend is the Action Bank slot from Barcrest, an online game that incorporates the theme of banking into its gameplay. The game uses symbols like vaults, gold coins, and bank safes, with the hope of landing a diamond, ruby, or sapphire multiplier, providing an engaging experience while staying true to its banking theme.

Theme of banking in games

Let’s not forget the classic board game “Monopoly” becoming digitized, which will become the most popular online game that brings the competition of amassing real estate wealth and managing bank transactions to online platforms. Players grapple with financial decisions, taxes, and the banking system throughout the game, providing an engaging and entertaining experience that has stood the test of time. Whether it’s passing ‘Go’ and collecting $200 or experiencing the misfortune of landing on ‘Income Tax,’ “Monopoly” brings banking and finance concepts to life, providing endless entertainment for players worldwide.

In summary, the world of banking and finance has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From films and theater to online games, the intricate world of finance has influenced narratives, fueled plots, and shaped characters, adding a layer of intrigue to various entertainment forms. As audiences continue to be fascinated by the financial world’s complexities, we can expect to see even more of its influence in the future of entertainment.


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