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7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Movies and Entertainment



Save Money on Movies

Everyone loves watching movies with their family members and friends in Theaters. But the main drawback in going to the theater is that the price of the box office/tickets increases year by year, and the price of snacks and beverages in theatres are absolutely ridiculous. At the end of the night, you will end up spending more money than you planned. Here are the 7 Easy ways that let you save money on movies and entertainment.

Save Money on Movies
Save Money on Movies

1. Avoid Extra Fees

Purchasing the tickets from the online movie reservation websites will give you more convenient. But, you will end up paying extra money. The online reservation websites will charge Rs 20-30 as an internet handling fee for each ticket. So, head to the theatre box office and purchase the tickets without paying an extra fee. You can also use the theatre’s official website or application to purchase the tickets directly. Sometimes, the theatre owners will push offers/discounts through their official app or website. Hence, you can prefer their official website instead of using other third-party reservation websites or else you can also grab Exciting BookMyShow Offers & Coupons from Zingoy to compensate for the extra cost.

2. Search for an alternative to cable

If you want to save more money, you can use the streaming services instead of using traditional cable or satellite services. The average price of cable services will cost you more than streaming services (prefer yearly subscriptions). Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video lets you watch movies, TV Shows, original series libraries and much more over the internet. If you want to watch live TV channels, you can also use services like Hotstar and Zee5. These services also stream movies along with their respective live TV channels.

3. Go for Group Deals and gift cards

Tons of coupons websites available online to offer various deals on movies. You can use the deals and gift cards from those websites while booking tickets for your family members and partner. They are very effective and will help you to have some savings. If you book your tickets from Paytm, then I recommend you to try Paytm Movie Coupons.

4. Skip 3D and IMAX

Everyone loves 3D and IMAX are the newest gimmick to get you to flock to the theater, but you need to more money for watching 3D movies. Hence you can prefer 2D movies to save some money.

5. Save money on Snacks

One of the worst things about the theaters is that the price of snacks in the theaters is very expensive. Hence you can take the snacks from your home to save some money. If the theater restricts you from bringing your own snacks, you can purchase the snack bundle which costs less price than buying the items individually.

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6. Find a late-run theater

Instead of watching movies when they first released, you can catch them one week after its release. In some theaters, the ticket cost will be reduced after one week of its release. You can watch them once the price was reduced. It means you have to wait a few days or weeks to see the movie, but it will help you to save some money.

7. Trim your services

While using streaming services, you can lower your internet and cable bills by downgrading your internet plans. On the other hand, purchase the subscription service which is economical.

Adjust your budget and set a lower spending limit for entertainment expenses. Thank you for visiting

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1 Comment

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