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ZEE5 Has Changed the Face of Indian Entertainment for Modern Audiences

Zee5 OTT
Zee5 OTT

One of the most notable disruptions that happened in the Indian entertainment industry is the easy availability of content for viewers. Since the launch of Mahabharat in 1988, entertainment options for modern Indian viewers have diversified significantly. OTT players like ZEE5 have been instrumental in bringing the new wave of entertainment, and there’s no stopping it now. Entertainment platforms like ZEE5 have penetrated the urban population and are making in-roads with the rural population. From millennials to Gen Z, the OTT wave has redefined the Indian entertainment landscape for viewers, and the results are phenomenal.

‘Content’ Dominates the OTT Space

As a country that celebrates diversity, Indian audiences have varied entertainment demands. Bringing an exciting line-up of original content, ZEE5 offers unique perspectives from strong characters that audiences can’t help but crave. The success of Hindi films like 420 IPC, 200 Halla Ho, Kaagaz, and more, have proved that modern audiences prefer quality entertainment and are willing to move beyond typical genres.

Zee5 OTT

There also has been a shift in narration. Previously, the Indian entertainment industry saw a male-dominated narration in stories. However, OTT platforms like ZEE5 have brought a refreshing change in the scenario and given the mic to female characters to narrate their stories. Hindi films like Rashmi Rocket and Aafat-E-Ishq bring out the nuance shades of complex female characters and help viewers understand society better. OTT platforms also embrace discussions about taboo topics and successfully break creative boundaries, long upheld in the Indian entertainment industry. 

Convenience Being a Game-Changer

The ‘Glocal’ phenomenon is not just for the entrepreneurs. But also for the streaming industry. With video streaming platforms like ZEE5 offering much-loved TV shows like Mahabharat at the flick of a button, audiences have the freedom to watch their favorite shows and movies from anywhere and at any given time. This freedom has allowed millions to access movies and TV shows that are progressive, edgy, and have depth. With over 2 lakh+ hours of on-demand content, ZEE5 offers viewers a mixed bag of Hindi films, live TV channels, regional movies, web series, and more, to keep the audiences hooked. The platform has identified over 100+ taste clusters across different languages and geographics to ensure modern viewers get a holistic entertainment experience. The convenience and accessibility factors played a notable role in people switching to OTT platforms when cinema remained shuttered.

Undeniable Growth Momentum

The streaming revolution has leveled the playing field for all types of content. With viewers pouring in from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, there’s an undeniable growth momentum for streaming platforms like ZEE5. Entertainment options that were once limited have now found a creative outlet. Unlike the Hindi film industry, there are no boundaries in the OTT world. By democratizing the film and the television industry, OTT players have shifted the spotlight to talent and storytelling. Furthermore, with significant investment from ZEE5 on regional content, audiences of all ages can enjoy wholesome entertainment with their families.

A Better Approach Towards Inclusivity

Inclusivity is a vision that streaming platform ‘ZEE5’ wants to achieve. By opening its doors to diverse storylines, the platform has become better at reflecting the tastes of its audiences. Be it South movies or Marathi movies, ZEE5 has helped the industries to evolve and cater to the diverse needs of modern audiences. The video streaming platform follows a liberating approach that allows creators to showcase their work and develop an emotional connection with the audiences at a greater wavelength.

With 2021 being the year of transformations for the entertainment industry, ZEE5 OTT has set new benchmarks with its original and dubbed programming. Even in the upcoming years, the OTT platform will continue to shake the grounds of the entertainment industry as we know it.

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