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YouTube Messaging Feature Hits Web | Android Users Get New Features



YouTube Messaging Feature Hits Web
  • A new chat bubble for you to chat and share videos with your friends privately
  • Android users get a new collapse mode which was only available for iOS users until now
  • A new incognito mode for the mobile users which is in its development phase

The messaging feature is not so popular among the Google products and to make it false YouTube releases the messaging feature to the web. Now you will see a new chat icon the when you are logged in with your Google account. The feature was first launched on August 2017 for the mobile users available under the Activity tab. After a long wait, the developers has made it available for everyone using YouTube. With this chat feature, you can straightaway chat and share videos with your friend. Click the chat bubble icon on top next to the notifications to open up the chat box with your conversation history just like hangout chat or the Facebook web chat.

YouTube Messaging Feature Hits Web

YouTube Messaging Feature Hits Web

You can make individual chats or create a group to make chats or share videos privately to a set of people. Like any other messaging app you can like chats using hearts. If you are a serious YouTube user, it would greatly help you to share videos with your friends, instead switching to another app to chat. Teh change doesn’t reflect for everyone as it might be a test or the developers are rolling out the features regionally.

YouTube Messaging Feature Hits Web

YouTube Messaging Feature Hits Web

The Android users are getting a new collapse feature that was only available for the iOS users until now. The features seem different in iOS and Android devices as in iOS the collapse mode looks like a tab in the bottom with the pause, forward and close buttons in a row whereas in Android you see the video in PiP mode with no added functionality, which they might consider in the next update.

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