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Why Online Solitaire Is Becoming More Popular by the Day



The game of solitaire evokes nostalgia and brings back our childhood memories. Thanks to the evolution of the online gaming industry and the popularity of solitaire, the game is now available online. As the online version has a multiplayer mode and several other gaming perks, this game is becoming more popular by the day. Indians have always played traditional games like solitaire, rummy, and chess. Nowadays with smartphones being easily available, these traditional games are being played online.

Solitaire card games have been played in almost every Indian household for a long time. Just like the offline version of the game, online solitaire is very entertaining and challenges your mind. The online version of the game has made it possible for players to play the game for real stakes. On apps like Solitaire Gold, card game lovers can play solitaire with real opponents for real prizes.

Solitaire is a skill game that requires a mix of mathematical analysis, time management, and decision-making skills to win. Online solitaire apps like Solitaire Gold allow players to play in multiplayer mode and beat real players by applying these skills. Players can also win prizes in multiplayer games and leagues on the app.

Card lovers can simply go for a solitaire download on their mobile phones and start playing after signing up. Here are some reasons why playing solitaire online is even better than playing the game offline:

Online Solitaire

Hassle-free Gaming

Unlike the real-world version of the game, online solitaire is easier to play as the dealing and arrangement of cards in the online version is done by the game program automatically. In the real world version, piles of cards need to be kept in proper order and moving them might kill the spirit of the game. All these hassles can be avoided by playing solitaire online.

Mulitiplayer Gaming

Do you remember the times when you had to play the game of solitaire with the computer on your Windows desktop? With the online versions like Solitaire Gold, you can go to head to head with real players as well as play with multiple players simultaneously in leagues. While the rules remain the same, the online version of the game allows you to challenge and beat real players from across the country. You do not have to play the game with the computer or wait for anybody to play solitaire now.

Equal Opportunities

In the real world, a lot of arguments happen over the game rules as there is often confusion about some game rule or the other. However, this is not the case when in online solitaire.Online platforms have standard rules in place, which are to be followed by each and every player. Hence, there is no scope for confusion or arguments. The online version of the game is clear and straightforward. To understand the game rules, one can play practice games at first. Once a player masters the game rules and gains confidence in the game, they can play for real stakes.

Keeping Track of Games Played

Online solitaire appears to be the best option if you wish to keep track of your previous games and records. Solitaire apps like Solitaire gold help players improve their game by analyzing their previous games. Maintaining a record of previous games is a tiresome job but in the online version, all the information about the player’s performance is stored automatically. Comparison with their previous opponents can help players understand the loopholes in their game and rectify them in the next game.

To ace online solitaire, here are some tips and tricks:

Practice makes a player perfect

To win at solitaire, you need to practice as much as you can. Especially if you are a new player, try playing a lot of practice games at first. Once you have gained confidence, you can start playing for real stakes and real prizes.

Shuffling is not always helpful

Shuffle your cards only when needed. Some players shuffle their cards just for the sake of doing that and end up making extra, unnecessary moves and spending more time to finish the game. Therefore, shuffle only if it is necessary to shuffle and increase your chances of winning.

Choose the right stack

Flipping the top card of the biggest plie first increases your chances of finding a suitable card. So prefer turning over cards on bigger piles initially.

Remember the colors

This game is all about being attentive. Keep an eye on the colors of the cards. Be conscious and avoid turning over the same-color card as the one you want to place it on.


The online gaming realm is replete with amazing games that have mind-blowing features. Apps like Solitaire Gold open up the avenue to new opportunities for players. No wonder online solitaire is becoming popular by the day and this skill game is all set to take card gaming to the next level.

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