Why is Mobile Cricket Betting So Popular in the world?


The cricket betting industry has always been huge. But with the current use of technology, the betting companies have added another spectrum of mobile cricket betting. This article looks at the underlying reasons why the mobile cricket industry has been growing so fast.

Cricket is a vastly popular game among sports enthusiasts. And the popularity of sports seems to have a significant impact on the betting industry concerning that. Following that rule, cricket betting apps have been flourishing beautifully in recent times. Mobile cricket betting is a form of betting conducted through the use of mobile and the internet. It is done using an app or a mobile-friendly website version of an online gambling site. Most of the online gambling sites nowadays have mobile cricket betting as a viable option for the players. A lot of online gambling platforms have been made for mobile cricket betting. It has reached a point where having a mobile cricket betting option is a criterion for considering an online platform to be good.

Reasons for the Popularity of Mobile Cricket Betting

The use of mobile cricket betting isn’t just dawning among the people for one single reason. As it happens that mobile cricket betting has quite a few benefits under its sleeve that it can share with its users. These are also the reasons why new online mobile cricket betting companies are being formed regularly.

Benefits in Transaction Methods

Any of the mobile cricket betting apps or websites have many transaction methods to offer their clients. The plus point of this benefit is that the users get to choose from any of the ways that are suited to them.

Country-based system

The mobile cricket betting companies often adopt transaction methods based on the companies they are ought to operate in. For instance, Unified Payment Interface and PayTM are adopted by the mobile cricket betting companies specifically for their Indian users.


A single mobile cricket betting website carries more than a few methods of transactions. Bank transfers, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cryptocurrency, and many more options are given to betting on cricket.

Benefits of Portability

Mobile cricket betting is done using a handheld device. The modern mobile phone is the epitome of portability. It can be accessed from anywhere and can be carried to any place. As a phone has a lot of functionality, the phones’ apps are also built the same way. This gives a chance to the mobile cricket betting apps to work correctly with all the functions anywhere.

  • Mobile cricket betting can be done from anywhere with just a bit of internet and a phone.
  • Mobile cricket betting can be placed while traveling to someplace.
  • As operating from a smartphone, mobile cricket betting is conducted while even being at any workplace.
  • There is no limit to its accessibility, and mobile cricket betting can be done anywhere in a country or even the world.

Benefits of Bonus

The usual cricket betting that is done in person doesn’t have any special offers for the punters. There aren’t even any other transaction methods than straight cash either. On the other hand, mobile cricket betting has multiple transaction modes and excellent bonuses for its players.

Welcome Bonus

When a punter opens an account for the first time, he is greeted with a massive welcome bonus. The clients can use this first-time welcome bonus for mobile cricket betting and many other sports betting.

Weekly Bonus

All the good casinos tend to have a weekly sports bonus for their clients. These can regularly be used for wagering in mobile cricket betting.

Event Bonus

As there are vast numbers of cricket tournaments held worldwide, mobile cricket betting companies often create betting promotions centered on those tournaments. It is another benefit of mobile cricket betting that can’t be found anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

Most of the users have been using mobile cricket betting for quite a while now. But whether or not you will shift towards mobile cricket betting is entirely up to you. The final verdict based on the popularity and benefits of mobile cricket betting would be that anyone should give it a try at least once as a betting enthusiast.

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