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Where to play online blackjack?



2020 is a year where most people have had to spend a lot of time indoors socially distancing to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Most have been busy working from home with few means to unwind and make time for activities they like. While the lockdown phases were hard on many, the number of sources to keep people entertained online have increased considerably. 

One of the best ways to pass your time and win exciting rewards, including monetary earnings, is trying your hand in an online casino like LeoVegas where you can play several popular card games. This is a completely safe, legal and fun way to keep yourself occupied while earning upto Rd 10,000 in a few games. 

If you’re new to online blackjack, our guide today will help you learn how to play with our blackjack rules and tips!

The Basics of The Game:

The number of decks used in the game can differ depending upon the casino and the type of game. Cards ranging from 1 to 9 are given the pip value that they showcase. The ace is valued either at 11 or 1. The King, Queen, and Jack are also called face cards, carrying the value of 10.

The aim of the game online blackjack is to defeat the dealer. For this to be accomplished, you need to get as close to a total of 21 as possible without going beyond that number. However, that’s not the only criteria. In order for you to win, the dealer needs to have a cumulative score lower than yours, or to bust (>21).

The basic rules in blackjack are simple. While playing online blackjack, the cards will be automatically shuffled, after which you place your bet. Once both the parties’ cards have been dealt, your options will be shown on the screen. If your hand ever exceeds 21, it is a bust, and the game is over.

What Moves You Are Allowed To Make:

As a blackjack online player, you are allowed to:

  1. Stand: Simply hold your two cards.
  2. Hit: Receive one or more cards, which will continue until you decide to stand or go bust.
  3. Double Down: Double your bet by receiving only one more card.
  4. Split: You are allowed to split your hand and double your bet, if you have two cards that represent 10 each, letting you play two separate hands.

The Process

At the start of each game, the cards are shuffled at random electronically and the bets are placed by the players. Beginning from the left side, the players are dealt a card each, which is positioned face-up on the table. The dealer’s first card is also placed face-up. 

The second card is dealt in a similar manner; they both  can see their cards, and can begin the game. The dealer’s second card is face-down, and is called the hold card. They can only look at the hold card if the first card is either an ace or has a value of 10.

If both the cards sum up to 21 at this point, it’s called a blackjack, and the game is considered over. The dealer will always play last. Once all the hands have been played, the dealer will pay out any winnings or collect any losing bets. Only then can a fresh game begin.

The basics of online blackjack are very simple, and you can get lucky and earn some decent prizes if you play your hand right. 

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