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Varahi Vehicle: All You Need To Know About Pawan Kalyan’s Bus Yatra Truck



Varahi Vehicle

Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan hasten up for the state-wide election campaign in January 2023. A specially designed chariot Varahi will be the campaign rally vehicle. The supremo Pawan Kalyan performed pooja at Kondagattu. The photos of the Varahi Vehicle surfaced on the internet, it looks dapper with military green.

According to reports, Varahi Vehicle (Pawan Kalyan Bus Yatra Truck) plying under the supervision of newly recruited 10 security personnel. Unlike other politicians, Pawan Kalyan’s new truck intrigues the people. This powerful look vehicle is set ready for the Statewide Bus Yatra. Varahi’s cost price will be updated soon.


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