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u/savevideo Not Working | Try the Alternative u/rip-video

u/savevideo not working

Reddit is one of the popular social media apps in the world. It can gather people together through photos, videos, and there are communities to join with similar interests. The subreddits is the tool to access the post or community for books, pets, music, movies, sports, politics, travel, food, more. You can see the Reddit app with plenty of videos, short clips, GIFs, and you may wish to save the videos on your device. There is a popular downloader bot (u/savevideo) to save the video instantly. The u/savevideo is not working properly for downloading the videos. We will check out the alternative way to download videos on Reddit in the below guide.

u/savevideo alternative is u/rip-video

Reddit Video Downloader (u/rip-video) is a newer downloader bot to save the videos on Reddit fastly. It can offer video download in multiple HD formats ranging from SD to 4K videos. The video downloader has high secure privacy settings, and it does not log any user data/ activity. It is absolutely free to download the videos. The video formats can be converted into supportable formats, and it works well in any browser, irrespective of the device. It will be highly useful for downloading the Reddit videos since the u/savevideo is not working.

Download Videos on Reddit through u/rip-video

(1). Open Google Chrome browser on your PC and go to the Reddit website.

(2). Select Sign In and enter the Reddit account credentials.

(3). Go through the home feed and look for any video to be downloaded.

(4). Tap the post to open and click Comment in the post.

(5). Type u/rip-video in the comments and wait for the reply.

(6). After some time, a link will be posted on the comment. Select View Link Here in the comment.

Click View link here - u/savevideo not working

(7). Check for the video on the download webpage and view the available video quality.

(8). Tap the Download in the required quality and click Save to download the video on your PC.

Select Download to download the videos

Hence, we have seen the method to download the videos on Reddit using the new video downloader bot. The downloader is undergoing many software updates to deliver a hassle-free medium to download the videos. Comment your queries in the below section. Thank you for visiting newsbugz and check the other articles.

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