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Train Passenger Can Order Warm Milk For Their Babies During their Travel



Warm Milk

Train Passenger Can Order Warm Milk For Their Babies During their Travel

Usually, doodhwalas carries their milk cans by hanging it from train windows early in the morning to deliver nutritious and fresh milk to their customers home on time. But what for those who are traveling on those trains? Now has come up with an idea to supply warm milk to the passengers traveling on the train.

Train travel marketplace RailYatri recently launched milk delivery service for train travelers, after their success in delivering hot meals to people on their seats. For the first time in India, warm milk for babies will be provided in the specially designed spill-proof thermal package. The milk for babies can be easily ordered through the RailYatri app and will be delivered to their seats at the designated stations.

A 500ml pack of milk is priced at Rs.79, and once traveler orders the milk, it will be given right at the passenger’s berth without them having to get off the station and collect it.

Warm Milk

Train passengers can order warm milk for their babies while traveling and it will be directly delivered to their seats.

According to RailYatri analysis, it is found that in more than 80 percent cases, trains are not prepared to serve baby food or milk to passengers, and to get pure milk for infants during train journey is a challenge. Long travel and uncertainties associated with the train travel make it difficult for travelers to preserve baby food while traveling on trains. To solve this problem, RailYatri came with a solution.

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Manish Rathi, CEO, and co-founder of said, “Train travel can have some severe hurdles when you are traveling with an infant. Our effort was to make sure no mother goes through the agony of seeing her hungry baby cry. Keeping such emergencies in mind, we would now deliver warm milk for infants in hygienic, spill-proof packages. We already serve great meals for the entire family, so why should the little one’s need be unattended.”

Rathi also added, “Parents usually carry their baby’s food and milk along. However, in the case of unforeseen situations like long train delays or if someone forgets to take baby food, you now do not have to worry about milk for your child. We have taken special care to deliver milk in the best condition, with emphasis on hygiene and quality packaging.”

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