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Top Football Themed Bollywood Movies

Football Themed Bollywood Movies

Football’s not just entertaining on the pitch or in the latest iteration of FIFA for the Playstation and Xbox. It also makes for some pretty high drama on the big screen, too! As it happens, there have been many Bollywood movies based around the beautiful game. Why not – after all, there’s surprising dramatic mileage in 22 people booting a ball around for 90 minutes!

Whether it’s a story of superstardom, rags to riches tale, or one of true talent overcoming adversity, dive in! Here are five of our absolute favorite football-themed Bollywood movies well worth checking out now.

Hip Hip Hurray

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? Released back in 1984, Hip Hip Hurray remains a fantastic feel-good film about hidden footballing talent. Directed by Prakash Jha, the movie centers around a computer engineer. Don’t worry – it gets a bit more interesting than that!

Said computer engineer decides to take a bit of a career to swerve and starts instructing the local school football team. Who’d have thought a programmer would have the ability to create footballing magic? You’ll have to watch and find out how it all kicks off.

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal

Football brings people together, and Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal is a great movie to prove it. Are you gearing up for all the cup action in the football world 2022 is set to bring us? You’ll probably already agree that there’s nothing like fan spirit – whether the following football locally or nationally.

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal takes things to the local level, focusing on the promising career of young Sunny Bhasin. While the movie keeps community football at its heart, it also deals with concepts of division and betrayal. It’s another underdog drama that’s well worth watching 15 years on.


Football is something many young boys love to get into – making friends and getting into teams is a lot of fun! However, there is always the chance you’ll get into the wrong crowd. Sikander is a great movie that follows a teenager by the same name. He’s your average sport-loving teen – but there’s a darker set of circumstances just around the corner.

Deeply dramatic and well-loved, Sikandar is a bit of a cautionary tale and one that has us gripped. This Piyush Jha movie has stood the test of time, and it’s a tense watch.


Saaheb is a popular Bollywood movie from the 80s that’s probably best-known for its soundtrack! However, the tale of plucky-yet-unlucky Saaheb (played by Anil Kapoor) is one that’s endured otherwise.

The film focuses on the named character, who finds himself in a family dilemma. Considered something of the black sheep in the family, football-loving Saaheb realizes he needs to make a huge sacrifice. Will he give up his football for the sake of his family? You’re going to have to watch this one yourself to find out.

If you’re the sort of football fanatic who lives for the sport – this might be a bit of a tricky watch for you! In any case, it’s a classic of the era, and the songs are still popular, even now.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna is something of a record-breaker! This musical romance was the highest-grossing Indian film overseas at the time of its release. While the movie has many twists and turns, the crux of its drama centers around Dev, played by Shah Rukh Khan. Dev is a football star who finds his life turned upside down in more ways than one.

Not only does he meet an amazing love connection in Maya – he finds his career in ruins. A car accident breaks Dev’s leg and leaves him with a permanent limp! He’s unable to salvage his once glittering career – but can he track down Maya and find true love?

KANK is still a massively popular movie, thanks to its many twists and turns. It’s a star-crossed lover tale, but regardless, it’s still very much a football movie! 

Do you have any favorite football movies we might have missed? Let us know – and why you think they deserve a rewatch.

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