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Golf- An Introduction

Golf is a club cum ball sport in which professionals use various clubs to hit the balls into a set of holes on a course in as a few strokes as possible. Unlike most ball games, Golf cannot and does not utilize a standardized playing area. The game is played on a course with an arranged progression of 18 holes. Each hole on the course should contain a tee box to start from, and a putting green containing the actual hole or cup of 4.25 inches in width. There were other standard forms of terrain in between, such as the fairway, rough, sand traps, and hazards yet each hole on a course is unique in its particular layout and its arrangement. When Golf is played for the lowest number of strokes by a person referred as Golfer, then it is known as stroke play. When it is played for the minimum score on the most individual holes in a complete round by an individual or team, then it is known as match play. Stroke play is the most commonly seen format at all levels.

The Skills That A Golfer Should Have

In its simplest form, the movements made in golf swings are just about creating some energy we could give to the ball and how we could best control that energy. These actions will certainly be influenced by how we hold a club or how we stand to the ball. Reasonably this energy is compromised if the club only swings back at a certain length or swings back too much. These are also the sort of things that most golfers will think of if they go to the practice range and for a good reason too as they surely have a part to play in how efficient and effective golf techniques we develop.

Swing changes are difficult even for the most gifted athletes, and often the problems that exist don’t require blowing up your swing and starting over, but rather fine-tuning. Before you start tinkering with a swing, it is often necessary to check your BTT. i.e., Balance, Tempo and Tension Awareness.


Let’s start with the balance. The sound basis to your golf swing is the balance. Think of your swing like a toy top set in motion by the pull of a string. The toy top is most graceful in its movements when it is entirely centered. i.e. it gets a complete balance. As soon as it slows down, that balance is lost, and it starts to shake. The process is observed in producing the golf swing over and over.

Consider the sensation you get when you hit a perfect shot. For many of the players, we work with, one of the most important aspects of their warm-up routine is nurturing balance. Smart players realize that they are not going to change anything in the warm-up, but they can find something called balance.

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1. Balance

To be a good golf ball-striker, you need to maintain your balance while rotating. Make some swings supporting either your left foot or right foot to develop the dynamic balance.

Balancing can be explained to you, but however, you need to learn and control it. Every player has a tempo that works best, but it is more like a unique range of rhythms in which the player will function optimally. Rhythm is the timing of events whereas Tempo is the speed at which we do them. Co-ordination is the nothing but putting together of the components using rhythm and tempo. We are all born with the skill to pick up regularity from a different rhythm and possibly this is where our basic skill of developing the rhythm in the swing comes from, yet we must educate it and train it. So, Tempo is something you borrow rather than you own. It always changes depending on how your body and swing feel on any particular day.

Many golfers find their most efficient sequence of motion by exploring different tempos. It was found that the players who are restricted in their hips or shoulders started striking the ball greater if they downshift to 75 to 80 percent of full tempo. However, it needs an experimentation on your side to understand it better.

Dynamic balance is the term used to describe your ability to maintain balance while moving. In golf we need to develop and maintain rotational balance, a great drill to help this is by hitting some balls with your feet together. It is important though to make sure you turn and not just swing your arms from side to side.

2. Tempo

Make some full swings by varying the tempo of your backswing and forward swing. Go back to 25 percent and move forward at 75. Now hit shots using your preferred tempo throughout.

Nothing puts balance and tempo out of blow quicker than tension. It comes with you and your golf swing. Two keys are first to be understood where in your swing tension is likely to stay, and then to improve the skills to manage it. Common places that show up the tension are in the hands, shoulders, arms, and particularly in the jaw.

For some golfers, beating the stress is as simple as taking a few deep belly breaths. With all the waiting in golf, pressure can build. You have to fill that time with the activities that release it. Some players will stretch, jump in place or send their minds on vacations to happy places.

3. Tension Awareness

Hit low shots by alternating between tight tension in your arms and shoulders, average tension and very loose. 

Recognizing the signs when you have got too much physical tension before and during the swing isn’t that simple as you might think. It is very easy to start gripping the club too tight but having tension in your neck and shoulders from trying to put yourselves in good posture. It is a natural action to increase your physical tension when you are trying hard to put yourselves in the positions that may not be as automatic as you want them. Mental stress or nervousness would also be a major reason for physical tension. Be aware of your bodies and how you move them, by regularly reminding yourselves to check to see if you are as relaxed as you need to be a part of the routine when golfing. Also, do any exercises that would promote your flexibility and mobility in the right areas. It can only be beneficial in letting you understand how your body functions best.

Whatever skills you take to improve your game, work on your BTT. You will see positive changes without giving thought to swing mechanics.

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Professional Golfer

With a limited amount of overlap Professional golfers are classified into two main groups. The vast majority of professional golfers make their living by teaching the game, or by running golf clubs and courses, and by dealing in golf equipment. In golf, professionals refer to individuals involved in the service of other golfers. The superior professional golfer at a golf club is normally referred to as the club professional, but in a large golf club or resort with several courses, his job title is named as the “director of golf.” If he or she have assistants who are registered as the professional golfers, then they are known as the “assistant professionals.”

 A golfer who concentrates solely or nearly so on giving golf lessons is a teaching professional, or golf instructor or golf coach. Most of these people would enter a few tournaments against their peers each year, and occasionally they may qualify to play in the prestigious tournaments with the other group of professional golfers. Many club and teaching professionals are working in the golf industry start as caddies or as a general interest in the golf game, finding employment at the golf courses and eventually moving for certifications in their chosen profession. These programs include all the independent institutions and universities, and those that eventually lead to a Class-A golf professional certification.

And a much smaller but the higher profile group of professional golfers will earn a living from playing in the golf tournaments or as an aspire to do so. They get income from prize money, and sometimes, endorsements. These individuals are referred to as the tournament pros, or tour professionals or pro golfers.

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