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The Next Big Things in the Online Casino Industry



Online casino industry is growing faster than we all thought. There are millions of new gamblers, thousands of new games and new online casinos every day. As such, it isn’t difficult to understand why this industry is advancing as fast as possible. Now we will take a look at the main things, changes, and technologies that will become available in online casinos any time soon.

Virtual reality games

This isn’t something that will happen at some point, it is something that has been happening for quite some time. Virtual reality or VR is a newer technology that makes gambling even better and for some gamblers, even better than gambling in land casinos.

With VR you will be able to walk in a virtual online casino, to play any game you like, to interact with other gamblers and so much more. Yes, you will have to wear VR goggles but the point is still the same. Probably the first major changes will affect live games and slots. You will be able to watch the live dealer in real-time and to control your cards. VR slots may even come first, and they will allow you to see yourself and the slot game in virtual reality, the same way as you were in Las Vegas casino.

Virtual currencies will become more common

Even today, virtual currencies are commonly used by millions of gamblers. Firstly it e-wallets became popular in gambling, so you still can find many the best online casino sites for real money using PayPal deposits – And now virtual currencies are booming in online gambling. Reasons why this happens are simple. This type of currency is easier to use than conventional money, it comes without any fees, and it can be deposited and withdrawn almost instantly. There are various methods players can use to earn cryptocurrencies online which makes gambling easier.

There is no need to add that the most popular virtual currency Bitcoin will remain on the list and it is going to become the main choice of most gamblers. It is already accepted in most online casinos, and the figure will go up only.


Augmented Reality is something that will happen soon, but not very soon like other things we have mentioned above. The technology allows gamblers to get more personalized gambling experience. You may have a virtual host who will help you pick the desired game according to your preferences at that very moment. Other online casinos may use the tech to provide you with directions and so much more.

If we combine artificial technology and virtual reality we can imagine an online casino that looks stunning. You have all the perks of land casinos (you can move around, talk to people, better atmosphere) but you don’t have any of the drawbacks (have to travel, must talk to people). This will happen sooner than we all expect and the first online casinos based on these two technologies are currently being developed.

Mobile gambling will be 100% supported

Mobile gambling isn’t something that will happen in the near future. It is something that happened already. Almost all online casinos accept users with smartphones and tablets. But, the technology is advancing so soon we will see 100% support (you can play any game using any device) and the gambling experience will be better than ever before. At the moment you can play limited games using a smartphone, and not all online casinos offer this kind of support.

Smartwatch support     

The next thing online casinos will offer is smartwatch support. You will be able to play games using a smartwatch. All games will be available, so the possibilities are truly endless. This isn’t available at the moment, but you can do certain things with your smartwatch that are related to online casinos such as getting notifications, see promotions, etc.

Skill-based games and video slots

The next main thing that will be introduced in a modern online casino is skill-based gambling. The first type of this technology is already developed, and it represents an actual game a gamer will play. You have to navigate your character, defeat the opponents, escape, etc. But, you will be rewarded with real money if you pass a level! This is precisely a game we all want to play at online casinos, and we would like to see as many games of this kind is possible.

The second type of technology will be used for the slots. The goal is the same, making the slots skill-based. You will also have the reels and payables, but you will need to use your skills to move the reels or symbols or other features, and you will be rewarded if you do it correctly.


Online gambling in the future will be epic. You are looking at more games better games and ability to play literally any of those games using any of smart-devices. Add skill-based games and the number of gamblers will rise significantly.

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