Pulwama attack

Pulwama Revenge: Celebrities Reactions on Surgical Strike 2 | India Strikes Back

In a major revenge for Pulwama terror attack, India strikes back by dropping 1000 kg bombs with Twelve Mirage-2000 jets on terror camps…

2 years ago

Pulwama Revenge: Indian Fighter Jets Drop 1000 Kg Bombs At Terror Sites In Pakistan

In a major revenge for Pulwama terror attack, India strikes back by dropping 1000 kg bombs with Twelve Mirage-2000 jets…

2 years ago

Google search for ‘BEST TOILET PAPER IN THE WORLD’ shows image of Pakistan Flag | Pulwama Attack

According to a Google search, the top result for the BEST TOILET PAPER IN THE WORLD is the 'Pakistani National…

2 years ago