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Super Singer Vote

Vijay TV Super Singer Vote Season 6 | Super Singer Vote 2018 | Super Singer Winner: Super Singer 6 is a Tamil reality show on Star Vijay TV. After five successful seasons in Tamil, Super Singer’s brand new Season 6 have started in which young and talented singers compete against each other for the Super Singer title. The inaugural of the event started off with A.R. Rahman listening to all these talented singer’s songs. Auditions were held at different locations across Tamil Nadu and 22 Singers were selected to participate in this Mega Reality show “Super Singer 6“. A.R. Rahman himself said that the super singer 6 winner will be given a chance to sing in his composition which added extra excitement to the Super Singer Crew. The Super Singer is earlier famously called as Airtel Super Singer which is now sponsored by Nippon Paint.

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Super Singer Season 6 Winners

  • First – Senthil Ganesh (50 lakh Home + Chance to sing in AR Rahman composition)
  • Second – Rakshitha 25 lakhs
  • Third – Malavika 2 lakhs

Sreekanth is selected to sing a song in Rahman composition as he impressed everyone from his semifinals round.

Super Singer Senthil Ganesh
Super Singer Winner Senthil Ganesh

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Super Singer Season 6 Timings and Details:

Show Timings: Weekends
Time: 7 PM
Voting Timings: Voting Starts on Sunday, 8.30 PM and ends on 9 AM Tuesday.
Note: You have 50 votes/day so that you can vote each day for Three days.
Super Singer Season 6 Grand Finale: Yet to be updated

Super Singer Finalist

How to Vote Super Singer Vote Season 6 Online:

Here are the steps for Super Singer Vote:

  1. In the Google Search, type the Search term as ‘Super Singer Vote‘ or ‘Super Singer Voting‘ or Click Here.
  2. After entering the term, you will see the Contestants Names.
  3. To vote, you should Sign in to your Gmail account, if you have signed in already then you are ready to vote.
  4. Select your favorite participant from the contestants and split your vote if you wish.
  5. Click Submit to Confirm your Votes to your favorite contestant.
  6. You can vote a maximum of 50 votes per contestant per Google account.

The above are the various procedures to follow for Super Singer Vote 2018.


Super Singer Season 6 Judges:

Singer Swetha Mohan

Swetha Mohan
Shwetha Mohan

Shweta Mohan is an Indian playback singer. She has recorded movie songs in all the four South Indian languages namely, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada. Shweta Mohan, a leading playback singer of South Indian cinema. Shweta Mohan has received four Filmfare Awards South for Best Female Playback Singer, one Kerala State Film Awards, and two Tamil Nadu State Film Awards. Check out Shweta Mohan Wiki here.

Singer Benny Dayal

Benny Dayal
Benny Dayal | Super Singer 6 Final Judges

Benny Dayal is an Indian singer and actor, from Kerala. He is also a member of the band S5, SS Music. He has done many projects in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu Kannada and Malayalam languages. He is also the judge in the show “THE VOICE”, in season 2. Check out Benny Dayal Wiki Here.

Singer Unni Krishnan

Unni Krishnan
Unni Krishnan | Super Singer 6 Final Judges

P. Unnikrishnan is a Carnatic vocalist and a national award-winning playback singer. He has been the judges for the previous season of Super Singer as well. He has also judged various reality shows. Unnikrishnan is famous for his soft voice. Check out Unnikrishnan Wiki here

Singer Anuradha Sriram

Anuradha Sriram
Anuradha Sriram | Super Singer 6 Final Judges

Anuradha Sriram is an Indian Carnatic and playback singer from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and has sung more than 5000 songs in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi films. More than a Singer, She is an entertainer who entertains with her voice and dancing skills as well. Check out Anuradha Sriram Wiki here

Super Singer Season 6 Contestant
Super Singer Season 6 Contestant

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Vijay TV Super Singer 6 Hosts:

Priyanka Deshpande

Priyanka Deshpande is a popular television anchor associated with the leading Tamil channel Vijay TV. She has hosted various programs for Vijay TV and judged few comedy reality shows as well. Priyanka is now hosting the ever famous Super Singer Season 6 along with Makapa Anand.

Super Singer 6 Hosts
Super Singer 6 Hosts

Makapa Anand

Ma Ka Pa Anand is an Indian Television Hoster and an Actor. He has been associated with Vijay TV for the past few years and has hosted various reality shows. MaKaPa Anand is also acted in lead roles in Kollywood Movies as well. He is one of leading Male Anchors in Vijay TV.

The MaKaPa and Priyanka Duo will sure entertain all the viewers and this season will also for sure be a feather in their cap.

Super Singer Season 6 Least Score Contestants Details

Super Singer Season 6 Week 19: Super Singer Season 6 Nominated contestant for elimination, Vote for your favorite contestant

Super Singer Elimination

Rajalakshmi gets eliminated on the 19th-week voting.

On the 15th week of eviction on Super Singer Season 6,

  • Vinay received the least number of votes and gets eliminated.
  • Sri Devi gets eliminated and left the show.
  • Sri Lakshmi gets the least vote and gets eliminated from the show on its third week.
  • Naseer gets eliminated on the fourth week of super singer.
  • Greeshma, a singer from Nurani of Palakkad received the least number of votes and gets eliminated.
  • Viji gets eliminated on the 7th week of super singer.
  • Sunny gets eliminated on the 8th week.
  • Praveen gets eliminated!
  • Ashwin gets eliminated
  • Ajay Krishna gets eliminated
  • Aparna is eliminated
  • Jayanthi gets Eliminated
  • Keshav gets eliminated
  • Sudharsan Gets eliminated
  • Anirudh gets eliminated
  • Sreesha gets eliminated
  • Malavika gets eliminated
  • Rajalakshmi gets eliminated
Super Singer Season 6
Super Singer Season 6 Contestants

Super Singer Season 6 Contestants Details


Super Singer Vote Sree Kanth
Super Singer 6 Sree Kanth | Super Singer 6 Final Contestant

Sreekanth is one of the 22 contestants on Vijay TV’s Singing reality show “Super Singer Season 6”. He is under the team of Benny Dayal and Anuradha. In his first competitive round, He contested against Keshav Vinod and lost the battle. He hails from Trivandrum, Kerala.

Rakshita Suresh

Super Singer Vote Rakshita
Super Singer 6 Rakshita | Super Singer 6 Final Contestant

Rakshita Suresh is an Indian Singer who has sung for Ilayaraja and much more singles in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Telugu. She has early participated in Super Singer Junior. Rakshita has participated in a singing reality show in Kannada as well. She is now a contestant on Vijay TV’s Super Singer 6. She is under the team of Benny Dayal and Anuradha. Check out Rakshita Suresh Wiki Here.

Senthil Ganesh

Super Singer Vote Rajalakshmi and Her Husband Senthil
Super Singer 6 Senthil Ganesh | Super Singer 6 Final Contestant

Senthil Ganesh is the first participant in the competition to win the Golden Voice of the week. He won a prize amount of 10,000 as well. He, along with his wife, is contesting in the Super Singer Season 6. He was the maximum scorer of the first competitive round. Senthil is energetic and his skills are highly appreciated. Click here to know more about Singer Senthil Ganesh Wiki, Biography, Age, Folk Songs, Wife, Movies


Super Singer Vote Sakthi
Super Singer Vote Sakthi | Super Singer 6 Final Contestant

Sakthi Amaran is also a contestant on Vijay TV’s Super Singer 6. He was selected by Anuradha and Benny Dayal to perform under their team. On the first Competitive round, He contested against Malavika and he won the battle as well. Click here to know more about Sakthi Amaran Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Albums, Songs and More.

Anirudh Suswaram

Super Singer Vote Anirudh
Super Singer 6 Anirudh

Anirudh Suswaram is a singer cum IT professional. He is now a contestant on Vijay TV’s Super Singer 6. Anirudh hails from Kurnool of Andhra Pradesh. He did his schoolings in his hometown and then moved to Chennai to pursue a graduation in the field of Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. He has also participated in Telugu Super Singer Season 8  of Star Maa. He is now a Certified Risk Analyst at Paypal. Click here for Anirudh Suswaram Wiki.


Super Singer Vote Aparna
Super Singer 6 Aparna

Aparna is a singer who is currently contesting in Vijay TV’s Super Singer Season 6. Aparna got selected through the auditions and is now one of the 22 Super Singer 6 Contestant. In the first competitive round, She battled against Shreesha but she didn’t win the battle. She is now under Benny Dayal and Anuradha’s Team.


Super Singer Vote Ashwin
Super Singer 6 Ashwin

From the first performance, Ashwin has been topping the table. Ashwin is a singer who is participating in the reality show Super Singer. His performances are applauded and appreciated. He is one of the participant under Anuradha and Benny Dayal. In the first battle, He defeated Vinay and won the Nippon Pillow. He will be one of the tough competitors in this season.


Super Singer Vote Greeshma
Super Singer 6 Greeshma

Greeshma is a Singer and a Model who hails from Nurani of Palakkad, Kerala. She did her schoolings in her hometown. Greeshma is now one of the 22 contestants of Nippon Super Singer Season 6. Earlier, She has participated and won “Manimelam” a Singing reality show which was aired on Kairali TV.


Super Singer Vote Jayanthi
Super Singer 6 Jayanthi

Jayanthi hails from a rural village. Her life story was made as a promo for the Super Singer 6. With no Background knowledge of music, Jayanthi was selected for her vocals. Her mother-in-law asked her to attend the auditions and her husband took her to the audition where she got selected. She is one of the contestants of Super Singer Season 6. Click here to know more about Super Singer Jayanthi Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Songs, Performance, and Other Details.

Keshav Vinodh

Super Singer Vote Keshav
Super Singer 6 Keshav

Keshav Vinodh is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He attended the auditions in Chennai and passed through the auditions to become a contestant on Vijay TV’s Super Singer 6. He did his B.Com – Honours at DG Vaishnav College in Chennai and got trained in Music at the University of Madras. He is under the team of Benny Dayal and Anuradha.


Super Singer Vote Malavika
Super Singer 6 Malavika

Malavika was selected by Unnikrishnan and Swetha under their team. In the first competitive round, she contested against Shakthi but unfortunately, she lost the battle. Her performances are applauded by the viewers.

Mohammad Nasser

Super Singer Vote Mohammad Nasser
Super Singer 6 Mohammad Nasser

Mohammad Nasser is a visually challenged contestant in Nippon Super Singer 6. He may be blind, but God has gifted him with a singing skill which no one else possesses. From the first day, He has received positive comments from the judges. He is under the team of Benny Dayal and Anuradha.


Super Singer Vote Praveen
Super Singer 6 Praveen

Praveen is a contestant on the musical reality show “Super Singer 6” which is telecasted in Vijay TV. He belongs to Unnikrishnan and Swetha’s team. In the first competitive round, He participated against Nasser but Nasser won the battle.


Super Singer Vote Rajalakshmi and Her Husband Senthil
Super Singer 6 Rajalakshmi and Her Husband Senthil

Rajalakshmi is one of the contestants who will give a tougher competition this season. She, along with her husband, started performing in functions near her hometown. She attended the audition and got through it. In the inaugural round, the couple gave a mindblowing performance which will be remembered for years. Click here to know more about Super Singer Rajalakshmi Wiki, Biography, Age, Folk Songs, Husband, Movies

Ajay Krishna

Super SInger Vote - Ajay Krishna
Super Singer 6 Ajay Krishna

Ajay Krishna is one of the contestants in Super Singer 6 who attracted people with his voice. In the first competitive round, he contested against Ashwin but unfortunately, he did not win the battle.


Super Singer Vote Sireesha
Super Singer 6 Sireesha

Sireesha hails from Machilipatnam of Andhra Pradesh, India. She is a lecturer in a College. She got trained in Music and has sung many songs through the smule app. She attended the auditions for Super Singer 6th season and got selected as well. She is under Unnikrishnan and Swetha Team. Click here to know more about Super Singer Sireesha Wiki, Biography, Age, Songs, Performance and Other Details

Sri Devi

Super Singer Vote Sri Devi
Super Singer 6 Sri Devi

Sri Devi is a singer who is currently participating in Super Singer 6 of Vijay TV. She is under the team of Unnikrishnan and Swetha. Sri Devi won her first competitive round against Jayanthi. Her performance is highly appreciated by the judges and viewers.


Super Singer Vote Sri Lakshmi
Super Singer 6 Sri Lakshmi

Srilakshmi is one of the 22 contestants who is participating in Super Singer season 6. In her intro round, She made everyone dance for her song. She is under Unnikrishnan and Swetha team. Srilakshmi contested against Rakshitha in her first competitive round and lost the battle.


Super SInger Vote Sudharshan
Super SInger 6 Sudharshan

Sudharsan is an Indian Singer and a Musician who comes from the temple city Madurai. His mother wanted to become a singer but she was not able to achieve it. Hence, She made him learn music and become a singer. He is a Chemical Engineer by profession but a singer by Passion. He will be one of the toughest contestants of this season.


Super SInger Vote Sunny
Super Singer 6 Sunny

Sunny, a Singer from Nepal learned Tamil and is taking part in Super Singer 6 – A Reality Show which is getting telecasted in Vijay TV. He was appreciated for his voice but he is one of the least scorers of the first competitive round. He has been nominated for elimination by Benny Dayal and Anuradha. Sunny was saved by Public Voting in the first week and he is again nominated for the second week.


Super Singer Vote Viji
Super Singer 6 Viji

Viji is also a contestant on Vijay TV’s Super Singer Season 6. She is a part of Unnikrishnan and Swetha’s team. Viji contested against Senthil in her first competitive round. She lost the battle against him but she is the second highest scorer of the week. She scored 33 points while Senthil scored 34 and he won the battle.


Super Singer Vote Vinay
Super Singer 6 Vinay

Vinay is another contestant who is nominated for elimination in the first competitive round. His inaugural performance was appreciated by the judges but he failed to impress the judges in the first competitive round. If you wish to save him, You can google Super Singer Vote or Super Singer Vote 2018 and cast your votes for him.

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List of Super Singer Winners So far

Grand Finalists
Super Singer Season 1 (2006)
Nikhil Mathew Winner
Anitha V. Karthikeyan Runner-up and Viewer’s Choice
Sowmya Mahadevan Jury’s Choice
Super Singer Season 2 (2008)
Ajeesh Winner
Ravi Runner-up
Renu 3rd Place
Prasanna Eliminated in Finals
Ranjani Eliminated in Finals
Super Singer Season 3 (2010-2011)
Saicharan Winner & Viewer’s Choice
Santosh Hariharan Runner-up
Sathya Prakash 3rd place & Judge’s Choice
Pooja Vaidyanath Eliminated in Finals
Super Singer Season 4 (2013-2014)
Diwakar Winner & Viewer’s Choice
Syed Subahan First Runner Up & Judge’s Choice
Sarath Santosh Second Runner Up
Sonia Third Runner Up
Parvathy Eliminated in Finals
Super Singer Season 5 (2015-2016)
Anand Aravindakshan Winner
Fareedha First Runner Up
Rajaganapathy Second Runner Up & Judges’ Choice
Siyadh Fourth place
Lakshmi Pradeep Fifth Place

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