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200 Strangest Animals in the World You Shouldn’t See



Strangest Animals in the World

Our earth is filled with more than 8 million species. Most of the people are not aware of all the species and nobody hasn’t seen all the species living in the world. Apart from this, nowadays scientists are discovering new rare animal species. So, in this article, we have listed some strangest animals that living on both land and sea along with mammals, reptiles and even bugs. In this list, you can also see some wired and dangerous animals that you haven’t see in your lifetime. Every animal has unique qualities categorized according to its genus and family. Mostly, the animals that come under different families have the same characteristics but it may differ by its activities and habitat. This helps you to know some names of the strangest animals live in the world.

Strangest Animals in the World
Strangest Animals in the World

List of Strangest Animals in the World

Here we have given the list of 200 weird and strange animals in the world. This list may helpful for you to know some new creatures that you haven’t heard or seen before.

200. Venezuelan Poodle Moth
199. Dumbo Octopus
198. Panda Ant
197. Honduran White Bat
196. Irrawaddy Dolphin
195. Saiga Antelope
194. Japanese Spider Crab
193. Leafy Seadragon
192. Blue Parrotfish
191. Glass Frog

Strangest Animals in the World
Honduran White Bat

190. Fossa
189. Glaucus Atlanticus
188. Tufted Deer
187. Macropinna microstoma
186. Red-Lipped Batfish
185. Lowland Streaked Tenrec
184. Spiny Bush Viper
183. Sunda Colugo
182. Atretochoana Eiselti Or ‘Penis Snake’
181. Lilac-Breasted Roller

Strangest Animals in the World
Spiny Bush Viper

180. Dik-Dik
179. Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko
178. Pink Fairy Armadillo
177. Star-Nosed Mole
176. Halitrephes Jelly
175. Sea Pig
174. Mata Mata
173. Maned Wolf
172. Okapi
171. Superb Bird-Of-Paradise

Strangest Animals in the World
Sea Pig

170. Aye-aye
169. Patagonian Mara
168. Naked Mole Rat
167. The Gerenuk
166. The Babirusa
165. Zebra Duiker
164. Lamprey
163. Dugong
162. Yeti Crab
161. Blob Fish

Strangest Animals in the World
The Babirusa

160. Gobi Jerboa
159. Cantor’s Giant Soft Shelled Turtle
158. Pacu
157. Sea Pen
156. Shoebill
155. Narwhal
154. Golden Tortoise Beetle
153. Axolotl
152. Mantis Shrimp
151. Goblin Shark

Strangest Animals in the World
Golden Tortoise Beetle

150. Long-Wattled Umbrellabird
149. Giant Isopod
148. Silkie Chicken
147. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth
146. Sri Lanka Frogmouth
145. Buff-Tip Moth
144. Aardvark
143. Indian Purple Frog
142. Snub-Nosed Monkey
141. Thorny Devil

Strangest Animals in the World
Buff-Tip Moth

140. Umbonia Spinosa
139. Warty Frogfish
138. Ribbon worm
137. Western tarsier
136. Bald uakari
135. Fog-basking beetle
134. Proboscis monkey
133. Treehoppers
132. Puss moth larva
131. Ground pangolin

Strangest Animals in the World
Umbonia Spinosa

130. Leaf-horned frog
129. Sloane’s viperfish
128. Hagfish
127. Sun Bear
126. Angora Rabbit
125. Chinese Goose
124. Walking Stick
123. Kangaroo Rat
122. Komondor
121. Gharial

Strangest Animals in the World
Sloane’s viperfish

120. Naked Neck Chicken
119. Hispaniolan Solenodon
118. Long-eared Jerboa
117. Hairy Frogfish
116. Sphynx Cat
115. Sneezing monkeys
114. Dementor Wasp
113. Pig-nosed rat with vampire’s teeth
112. Stick Insect
111. Wombat

Strangest Animals in the World
Hairy Frogfish

110. Lyrebird
109. Markhor
108. Fainting Goat
107. Flightless Cormorant
106. Mexican Mole Lizard
105. Sloth
104. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko
103. Kinkajou
102. De Brazza’s Monkey
101. Tarantula Hawk

Strangest Animals in the World
Mexican Mole Lizard

100. Marabou Stork
99. Riverine Rabbit
98. Glowing sea turtle
97. Sun fish
96. Long-horned orb weaver spider
95. Harpy Eagle
94. Coatimundi
93. Jabiru Stork
92. Tasmanian Devil
91. Echidna

Strangest Animals in the World
Harpy Eagle

90. Southern Cassowary
89. Bilby
88. Alligator Gar
87. Capybara
86. Clawed Frog
85. Eastern Long Necked Turtle
84. Spike Nosed Tree Frog
83. European Legess Lizards
82. Vietnamese Mossy Frog
81. California Condor

Strangest Animals in the World
Vietnamese Mossy Frog

80. Hoatzin
79. Kakapo
78. Oilbird
77. Horned Screamers
76. Victoria Crowned Pigeon
75. Amazon Giant Fishing Spider
74. Assassin Bug
73. Driver Ant
72. Giant katydid
71. Hickory Horned Devils

Strangest Animals in the World
Amazon Giant Fishing Spider

70. Jumping Stick
69. Orchid Mantis
68. Bactrian Camel
67. Baird’s Tapir
66. Nutria
65. Quokka
64. Platypus
63. Long-Beaked Echidna
62. Olinguito
61. Water Opossum

Strangest Animals in the World
Baird’s Tapir

60. Frilled Shark
59. Humpback Anglerfish
58. Ribboned Seadragon
57. Mouse Deer
56. Bat-eared Fox
55. Prickly bush viper
54. Desert rain frog
53. Chevrotain
52. Etruscan Shrew
51. Pygmy Jerboa

Strangest Animals in the World
Frilled Shark

50. Black Rain Frog
49. Marine Iguana
48. Madagascar Leaf-nosed Snake
47. Pig nosed Turtle
46. Japanese Giant Salamander
45. Cantor’s Giant Softshell Turtle
44. Surinam Toad
43. Blue Tongue Skink
42. Flying Snake
41. Horned Viper

Strangest Animals in the World
Japanese Giant Salamander

40. Japanese Giant Hornet
39. Honeypot Ant
38. Sockeye Salmon
37. Vampire Squid
36. Giant Oarfish
35. Giant Pink Slug
34. Japanese Raccoon Dog
33. Dhole
32. Amazonian Royal Flycatcher
31. Draco volans

Strangest Animals in the World
Japanese Giant Hornet

30. Snakehead fish
29. Glass-wing butterfly
28. Coconut crab
27. Angler Fish
26. Leaping Lesbian Lizards
25. The Kiwi
24. Olm
23. Bumblebee Bat
22. Hooded Seal
21. Echidna

Strangest Animals in the World
Coconut crab

20. Monito Del Monte
19. The penguin with glowing yellow eyes
18. Ghost Frog
17. Spring Hare
16. Sumatran Rabbit
15. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
14. Bearded Dragons
13. Skunks
12. Ankole-Watusi
11. Fennec fox

Strangest Animals in the World
Bearded Dragons

10. Frilled-neck lizard
9. Arctic hare
8. Elephant shrew
7. Pygmy Goats
6. Sugar Gliders
5. Cone Snail
4. Golden Poison Dart Frog
3. Black Mamba
2. Greater kudu
1. Guereza colobus

Strangest Animals in the World
Golden Poison Dart Frog

In the above list, we have mentioned some strangest, weired, and dangerous animls living in this world. Apart from these animals there are some most dangerous species are also available. So be careful if you ever come across with these species. Which one according to you is the most strangest, comment below.

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