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Bigg Boss

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu 2 | Episode 81 | 29 August 2018 | Day 80 | Highlights



Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 | Day 80 Highlights: The first promo of the Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 81 is out. In the video, housemates are playing the murder mystery task. In that, Ganesh is a detective and Roll Rida is police. Let’s wait and watch.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Promo 2

Bigg Boss Telugu Promo 1

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  1. K.Trinath Reddy

    August 30, 2018 at 4:11 PM

    Here is another communication regarding the referral made to the participant Mr.Ganesh from Vijayawada, often tagging him as the Representative of Common Man!! It is highly objectionable! May be is picked out from among the crores of viewers of Telugu Television channels but not certainly he is entitled and qualified to be addressed as the Representative of COMMON MAN, who is the LORD in this Sovereign Democratic India! And Mr.Ganesh, as one of the participants, has exhibited very cheap and objectionable standards, probably by being prompted and promoted by other contestants and joined another immature female Deepthi Sunaina who was knocked out for good, to address Mr.Kaushal in a most objectionable and offending manner, when BIGG BOSS organized the task of Tele Calling! It would have been appropriate it the so called representative of Comman Men is replaced by a decent and well behaved gentleman!!

  2. K.Trinath Reddy

    August 30, 2018 at 3:56 PM


  3. K Trinath Reddy

    August 30, 2018 at 3:46 PM


    Citizens of Hyderabad Metro, returning home after a strenuous day of work and ending with horrible experience of journey, be it by public transport or by self-driven car or two wheeler, are slowly attracted towards the BIGGBOSS show on MAA tv, as the days are passing on! The show has registered success by gaining more and more viewers, including those not keen in watching telugu daily serials and other shows on regular basis. As the viewers are getting more attached to the show, they are also getting involved with the personal behaviour, traits, qualities, hidden feelings and so on, of the participants in the show.

    What is now being shared among various viewers, including those viewing the showing as an analysis of different personalities as exposed through the show, is that among the small group of ten human beings, a majority are getting tied up with each other by sharing the common feeling of JEALOUSY (an no other word could be more apt….for the sake of commenting on this show) against the popular TV Artist Kaushal and an active, sobre participant among all the participants!

    What is bothering the female participants Geeta Madhuri against Kaushal. She is also said to be a popular singer in telugu screen. What could be the reason for her continuous provocation by way of words and deeds against Kaushal? Is it only the sole intention of eliminating the strongest contender for the victory in BIGG BOSS show, and to win the prize?

    If it is true, the mode and method adopted by her is certainly not fair and proper….pampering immature looking and behaving Ganesh, Samrat and locking Deepthi, Shyamala in her fold by using some unknown strategy, holding the escapist Amit Tiwari through some other methods, the wavering musician Roll by dragging into confusion created for his victory and finally conniving with Tanish Alladi in an open manner, who is also aspiring for the prize without showing any quality performance…not minding the fact that she is exposed before lakhs of cause mental torture and emotional disturbance to Kaushal and leaving only Nutan Naidu…to stand by Kaushal in crises times, but often rendering himself weak and disabled in the fight against the big caucus!!

    Well, some people have been heard drawing comparison of the duo Kaushal and Nutal Naidu as the brave soldiers and warriors fighting a battle against a group in the house consisting of wearisome and unfair human beings and wishing Kaushal to Win the BIGG BOSS Crown!

    What is concerned for people like us, who wish to visualize the society around as an object of critical study of the human beings, groups and personalities in a broader perspective, is that a small group of TEN INDIANS AND TEN TELUGU SPEAKING HUMAN BEINGS, are exhibiting their personal traits and vices before the lakhs of viewers….mainly those speak Telugu and laying a dramatic scene comparable to the mean and cheap standard of the contemporary political business, in India and further more in the State identified as occupied by the human beings, who are gifted by the NATURE with TELUGU, as the medium of Communication and interaction!

    People in majority, by default, are eager to see the Sole Fighter KAUSHAL as the Winner of the Title!!

    K Trinath Reddy

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