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Stage Production Pardey Kay Peachey Explores The Backstage Hustle-Bustle




The play Pardey Kay Peachey is a play within a play about plays. It’s a potboiler of what goes behind-the-scenes before the drama unfolds on the stage. The play, conducted by Chittaranjan Tripathy, will be staged for the first time in the Capital this week. “During the staging of the game, one can see only interactive activities among the characters on the stage, but they have no evidence what these actors do off the stage. This production introduces the audience to this narrative that in itself is absorbing to watch,” says Tripathy. Also, the capital is set to perform the India’s first poetry Biennale from April 7 to 9.

Tripathy, who is a postgraduate of National School of Drama (NSD), adds, “Around 15 theater lovers are performing in the play. Though they are not professional theater artists, they had been acting for the past 15-16 years. Some known countenance from the cast includes Kimti Anand, Ganesh Seth, Ashok Dhawan, Pradeep Kuckreja and Rashmi Vaidialingam.

“I have been doing theater for more than 45 years now, and I believe that among its varied aspects, entertainment is an important facet. We look for entertainment factors and also try to feast a social message if the fudge together demands,” says Vaidialingam, who is also the producer of the play.

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The game is based on the play, Noises Off by English playwright Michael Frayn. “The genre of the game is farce there is a deliberate exaggeration of a circumstance to make it more comical. A lot of feels such as love, jealousy, and antagonism come into play during the making of a production, and this escorts to a lot of funny incidents.

Pardey Ke Peechay is an appearance of the same,” Vaidialingam adds. A scene from the play, Pardey Kay Peachey. The central government has since the begin of this year issued at stage production Pardey. Stage production Pardey kay Peachey explores the backstage hustle-bustle.

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