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Shah Rukh Khan reposted the pic posted by Smriti Irani



Shah Rukh Khan reposted the pic posted by Smriti Irani on Instagram

Shah Rukh Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood reposted a pic on his Instagram account posted by Smriti Irani Union Textiles Minister on Instagram. Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani recently joined Instagram, and from then she was sharing lots of posts on her Instagram account. On such post was reposted by Shah Rukh Khan on his Instagram account. This post made by Shah Rukh Khan made his fans and other people to wonder what is the link between the actor and the politician. And raised doubt in the minds of people whether the actor turned into a politician.

Shah Rukh Khan Reposted Shanelle Irani's picture

Shah Rukh Khan Reposted Shanelle Irani’s picture

The picture reposted by Shah Rukh Khan is a pic of Shanelle Irani, who is the daughter of Smriti Irani’s husband Zubin Irani’s daughter from his previous marriage. The connection between the actor and politician is that Mr. Zubin Irani is a childhood friend Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan and the interesting news is that none other than Shah Rukh named Zubin Irani’s daughter as Shanelle.

In his Instagram account, he said his childhood friend Zubin Irani’s daughter has grown up and so pretty, and he also mentioned that ‘Just for records I named her Shanelle’ he added. In just 21 hours Shah Rukh Khans’s post is liked by about 2.2 lakh people.

Union Textiles Minister in her post on Instagram wrote that ‘#family photo someone is being missed sorely’ and posted the photo of Shanelle Irani.

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Along with 2.2 lakh likes the post of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) received lots of comments as well, and one such comment is made by Shanelle Irani herself.

Her comment to Shah Rukh Khan for his post onIinstagram was ‘Thank you @iamsrk. You are too kind as always, hope to see you soon’.

Other than Shanelle Irani, also many Shah Rukh Khan’s followers on Instagram and his fans commented on the post; few such comments are; ‘Love the name Shanelle. My god child’s name is that. Every time I hear that name I think of CHANEL, and it’s my fav’ said one follower of Shah Rukh Khan. ‘Wow love the name,’ comments another follower.

Shah Rukh Khans’ strong connection with Delhi can never end, he always recalls his good old memories spent at Delhi. Whether it’s his days at Delhi school and his college days and also his days spent at the Delhi theater. He always used to share those beautiful old memories. In that list of his old memories, he also shared an interesting his interesting bond between Zubin Irani, his childhood friend by reposting the photo of Shanelle Irani, stepdaughter of Smriti Irani on Instagram posted by Smriti Irani.

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