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Ripsave alternative

Reddit is a massive collection of forums where you can share and find a lot of information regarding all categories. To save videos from that platform, users have relied on a tool called Ripsave. The tool involves entering as a comment on the required post to download the media file from it. As it was the only platform to download videos from Reddit, the developer has included various pop-up ads on that tool. It resulted in people getting different malware on their browsers. Due to this, the tool has been shut down permanently by its developer. Then how to download videos and GIFs from Reddit? Is Ripsave not working on Reddit? Is there are any alternative available for Ripsave? Yes. We have found an amazing tool called Reddit Video Downloader. is the best alternative to

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Reddit Video Downloader [u/rip-video] – Best Alternative for Ripsave

Reddit Video Downloader [u/rip-video] is a free tool or bot that lets you download videos, GIFs, and audio files from Reddit within a few seconds. Moreover, the files you are downloading with this tool are 100% malware-free, and you can use them without worrying about any privacy issues. Here are some of the major highlights of using u/rip-video:

  • In terms of speed and simplicity, it is more reliable and you will not be annoyed with any commericals as it was 100% ad-free.
  • The tool automatically converts the file into the most used file formats within a few seconds.
  • Since it was an web-based platform, you can access this platform on any of your devices which had browser support.
  • RVDL video doesn’t collects any data so none of your data will be stored on their servers.
  • Unlike Ripsave, u/rip-video helps you extract audio file from the Reddit video that you want.
  • RVDL offers an top notch customer support, so you can clear all your queries with-in a fraction of seconds.
  • You can add this tool as an extension on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

How to Download Videos on Reddit Using u/rip-video

Step 1 – Launch a browser and visit

Step 2 – Login to your Reddit account and navigate to the post where you need to download a media file.

Step 3 – Go to the comment box for the respective box and enter the command: u/rip-video.

Step 4 – Within a few seconds, RVDL Reddit Downloader Bot will reply to your comment immediately.

Step 5 – Tap the View Link Here option.

ripsave alternative

Step 6 – It will redirect you to site with the downloading options.

ripsave alternative

Step 7 – Select the resolution you want and save the video on your device.

Use u/rip-video to save video from Reddit and share your feedback in the comments section. Share this tool with friends who are thriving to download media from Reddit. Thank you for visiting

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