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Rahul Gandhi Finds A New Admirer In Amarinder Who Tells Congress Vice-President Fit To Be India’s PM



Rahul Gandhi

Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday told Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had the “potential” to become the Prime Minister of the country. Amarinder moreover said the time was right for a “generational change” in the Congress to cater to ambitions of the 70 percent youth population of the country. Earlier in Rajya Sabha, Congress had demanded to stop the use of EVM’s immediately.

In a conference to a news channel, the Punjab chief minister rubbished Niti Aayog’s plans to tax farmers, saying such progress will threaten the survival of the state’s farmers, who were already reeling under the burden of massive debts, forcing many to take the radical step of committing suicide.

Reiterating his patron for Rahul Gandhi, Amarinder said he had always found the AICC vice-president “extremely perceptive and decisive. There was a premeditated attempt to undermine his image by calling him names,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi

Industrial revival will lead to the large-scale creation of job opportunities in the state

Amarinder also emitted confidence over the response by investors and industry to the change in a dispensation in the state, declaring his government had, in just six weeks, built investors conviction. Capt also confirmed his claim by adding that the Bathinda refinery was all set for a Rs 20,000-crore expansion.

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Captain Amarinder told while he could turn things around overnight, his government had accomplished in creating the right “enabling environment” for the rejection of drugs, which were now less available.

However, he was also agile in pointing point out that it would be difficult to wean youth finally away from drugs without giving them employment, towards which his government was committed. “Industrial revival will lead to the large-scale creation of job opportunities in the state,” the Punjab CM added.

Capt also told his government was working to encourage farmers 70% of whom were little farmers to diversify and substitute from paddy to cash crops. “Such little farmers, who have less than 5 acres of land, will not be able to survive the imposition of taxes as envisaged by the Niti Aayog,” he added. To another question, he said while the Punjabi language will be accorded due prominence, it was essential to promote English into enabling the youth to find jobs in the competitive global market.


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