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Pellichoopulu Contestants, Eliminations, Winner | Pradeep Machiraju



Pelli Choopulu

Gnaneswari Kandregula is the winner of Pellichoopulu show. Pradeep Machiraju tied the much anticipated ‘lub-dub’ chain to Gnaneshwari at an eventful final. The popular TV host clarified that further decisions will be made only after discussing with their respective parents and if everything goes well.

Pellichoopulu Winner

Pellichoopulu Winner Gnaneswari Kandregula

Pelli Choopulu is a Marriage reality show which is getting telecasted in Star Maa Channel. The program is completely scheduled for popular anchor Pradeep Machiraju. As per the program, the winner of this reality show “PelliChoopulu” will marry Pradeep Machiraju. This is the first time a Marriage reality show is being conducted in the Telugu television industry. Pradeep being the Groom of the show will select his soulmate from the 14 contestants who are participating in the show. Star Maa Channel released the promo of Pelli Choopulu and everyone are very excited to know the contestants. The show hosted by Suma Kanakala. The Pelli Choopulu show started on September 30.

Pelli Choopulu

Pradeep Machiraju

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Gnaneswari Kandregula – WINNER

Gnaneswari Kandregula was born in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. She won the second token of love from Pradeep Machiraju in Pellichoopulu show. Check out full bio here: Gnaneswari Kandregula.

Gnaneswari Kandregula

Gnaneswari Kandregula

PelliChoopulu Contestants List and Status

Name From Status
Gnaneswari Kandhiregula Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh WINNER
Divya Dekate Nagpur, Maharashtra ELIMINATED
Shaik Shabeena Andhra Pradesh ELIMINATED
Neha Ajmal Malaysia ELIMINATED
Divya Chalamasetty Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh ELIMINATED
Koneru Ramya Krishna Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh ELIMINATED
Yashvi Kanakala Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh ELIMINATED
Ritu Sekar Andhra Pradesh ELIMINATED
Shreya Ambala Andhra Pradesh ELIMINATED
Sahithi Dasari Bangalore, Karnataka ELIMINATED
V Chandrakala Bangalore, Karnataka ELIMINATED
Deena Krupa Dubai ELIMINATED
Monika Soma Andhra Pradesh ELIMINATED
Diana Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh ELIMINATED

PelliChoopulu Contestants List and Details

Divya Chalamalasetty – Eliminated

Divya Chalamalasetty is one of the contestants of brand new Telugu television reality show “Pellichoopulu“. She is from Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Check out full bio here: Divya Chalamalasetty.

Divya Chalamalasetty PelliChoopulu

Divya Chalamalasetty

Neha Ajmal – Eliminated

Neha Ajmal hails from Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh and currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She working as a Senior Consultant at Hitachi Consulting. Check out full bio here: Neha Ajmal.

Neha Ajmal

Neha Ajmal PelliChoopulu

Koneru Ramya Krishna – Eliminated

Koneru Ramya Krishna hails from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. She entered the stage in a Vespa. Pradeep mentioned her entrance as the best. Ramya expressed her happiness towards him and gifted him a Buddha statue which impressed him. Check out full bio here: Koneru Ramy Krishna.

Koneru Ramya Krishna

Koneru Ramya Krishna

Shreya Ambala – Eliminated

Shreya Ambala is one of the 14 contestants of new Telugu television reality show “Pellichoopulu“. Check out full bio here: Shreya Ambala.

Sahithi Dasari – Eliminated

Sahithi Dasari is an upcoming actress and model from Bangalore. She hails from Vijayawada and loves wildlife, photography and playing cricket. She also works for Nestham, a charity organization. Check out full bio here: Sahithi Ambala.

Sahithi Dasari

Sahithi Dasari

Yashvi Kanakala

Yashvi Kanakala is an Indian Actress and model in Telugu Short film Industry. She was born as Kanakala Navya Soujanya in Vijayawada, India. Check out full bio here: Yashvi Kanakala.

Yashvi Kanakala Pellichoopulu

Yashvi Kanakala

Ritu Sekar

Ritu Sekar (Reethu or Rithu) is a Journalist who is hailing from the state of Andhra Pradesh. She is a straightforward bold girl. She gifted him a perfume which impressed Pradeep. Check out full bio here: Rithu Sekar.

Rithu Sekar Pellichoopulu

Rithu Sekar

Deena Krupa

Deena Krupa is a Malayali Origin. She worked in a Logistics unit in Dubai. She entered with a lovely song. She became very emotional and started crying on seeing Pradeep. Check out full bio here: Deena Krupa.

Deena Krupa Pellichoopulu

Deena Krupa

Monika Soma – Eliminated

Monika Soma is an independent artist and is now one of the 14 contestants of the show PelliChoopulu, a marriage reality show. Check out full bio here: Monika Soma.

Monica Soma Pellichoopulu

Monica Soma

Diana – Eliminated

Diana hails from Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. She was funny. Her mom first entered which shocked Pradeep and later she revealed that her daughter is in the car. Diana came dazzling. Immediately after holding his hand, Diana started dancing with Pradeep. Later, Diana gifted Pradeep a Lamp with his name. The lamp was lighted by Pradeep and he seemed to be impressed by Diana. Check out full bio here: Diana.




Chandrakala is an Academic Counsellor hailing from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She entered like a queen. She introduced herself to Pradeep and told him about her career. Chandrakala gifted him snacks and savories along with few bangles. Check out full bio here: Chandrakala.

Chandra Kala

Chandra Kala

Divya Dekate

Divya Dekate aka Divya Ashok Rao Dekate is an actress, model and a freelance artist from Nagpur. She entered as the 12th contestant of the Pellichoopulu show. She told Pradeep that her Telugu is not proper and she is trying to speak in Telugu with him as she is a girl from Nagpur. Divya presented him a painting which she painted by herself. Pradeep appreciated her for her skills. Check out full bio here: Divya Dekate.

Divya Dekate

Divya Dekate

Shaik Shabeena

Shaik Shabeena made an impressive entry in the show. While others walked directly, Shabeena just sent a letter to Pradeep making him read and then she made her entry. Shabeena walked boldly with a smiling face. Pradeep was impressed by her attitude and he complimented by saying that she looks like a Doll. Shabeena also impressed him by gifting a Taj Mahal. Check out full bio here: Shabeena.


Shaik Shabeena

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