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Pakistan Mystery Caller Offers Rs 50 crore to the One killing PM Modi




Madhya Pradesh police registered a case against unknown people on Saturday after a youth in Satna district received a call from a man who allegedly offered him Rs 50 crore to join them in killing Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally. The caller claimed he was from Pakistan and related the number +79651219. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his two days visit to his home state Gujarat.

According to Satna police, the guest told Kushal Soni that he would be offered Rs 50 crore if he connected them to kill Modi during a rally in Mumbai. He told they had selected two people and needed a third person. They also attempted him as much money as he wanted for the job. Pakistan mystery caller offers Rs 50 crore to man for killing PM Narendra Modi.

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Pakistan mystery caller offers Rs 50 crore to man for killing PM Narendra Modi.

Though initially, Soni didn’t take the call seriously, given the sensitivity of the matter, he later complained to the local police in Satna who forwarded the case to the crime branch. Mithlesh Kumar Superintendent of Police said We are reviewing the matter. Things will be cleared more after the investigation and if it was a hoax call or not.

During the investigation, police found that the number belonged to Kazakhstan. Soni also delivered over the call recording to the police. Reacting to the improvement, superintendent of police Mithlesh Kumar said,

“We are reviewing the matter. Things will be cleared after the probe reveals if it was a hoax call.”

The event comes after a man was arrested a few days back in Satna for threatening on the phone to bomb the state Vidhan Sabha and the Bhopal railway station. A 24-year-old man was chopped to death near Uthiramerur in Kancheepuram on Sunday.

Police knew the deceased as S Jay, who earned his livelihood by operating harvesting machine. He arrived home in Arasanai village on Friday to celebrate Pongal with his family. On Sunday afternoon he got a visit on his mobile from an unknown number.

Soon after the call, he acquainted his family members that he would be back in an hour. His father went searching for him after he abandoned to return after midnight. Later, the family acquired information about a body found on the outskirts of the village.

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Police suspected the caller invited him to come outside the village and hacked him to death with the help of a gang. “We are working to identify the caller. Only then will we be ready to ascertain the motive for the crime,” said an investigating officer.

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