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Oriental Roller Details, Cost, Origin, Facts, Images & More



Oriental Roller

The Oriental Roller is one of the domestic fancy pigeons which are mostly found in the United States regions. The fancy breed is the mixture of various selective breeds and took several years to develop this species. It is also one among the domesticated pigeons, and all these pigeons are descendants from the rock pigeon. This pigeon is popularly known as Turkish Oriental Roller and Flying Oriental Roller. While comparing with other pigeons, it has 13-20 tail feathers where the other breeds have about 12 feathers. The average height of the pigeons is around 32 – 34 cm and weight will be about 280 to 400 grams. The Oriental Rollers are lacking in oil duct, but it has a large number of oil quills in their feathers and uses them to clean themselves. The pigeons come from the Middle East and Asian countries, including Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan, northern Iran, Iran and another Asian part of the world.

Scientific name: Columba livia
Rank: Breed
EE Breed Group: Tumbler and Highflyer
Higher classification: Domestic pigeon

Cost of Oriental Roller

The Oriental Roller is a domesticated pigeon, and people buy them for various purposes like flying, show, ornamental and pets. Most people buy the pigeons to train them for flying competitions. The exact price of this breed has not yet updated.

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Interesting Facts about Oriental Roller

  • The Oriental Roller is a flying breed, but people train them for shows rather than flying performances. The breed was developed at the beginning of the 1870s, and it is the only special breed that used for producing today’s popular breed Birmingham Roller.
  • As it is an excellent flyer, these pigeons are primarily raised for flying. The strong and long-wings of the bird helps them fly high. It can fly as individuals or in groups.
  • The flying style is the major mark of this pigeon. While flying in the air it shows different stunts like single somersaults, double somersaults, rolling, rotation with open wings, nose dives, sudden change of direction and rarely axial turns.
  • The Oriental roller breed can fly up to the height of 1000 m, and it can be in the air for several hours.
  • When flying in the air sometimes they perform in a nervous, darting manner in flight but they are not really nervous birds. These kinds of activity show the boldness and the aggressiveness of the pigeon.
  • Sometimes Oriental Roller pigeons are loved to be away from other pigeon breeds.
  • These pigeons are not afraid of human so they can be easily trained to fly. They just expect attention from its owner.
  • The lifespan of the breed is the same like other pigeons. It lives around 7 to 10 years.

Oriental Roller Images

Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller Flying Bird
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller in Cage
Oriental Roller
Brown with White Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller Eggs
Oriental Roller
Oriental Roller Pair

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