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To Operate clean-up for other rivers – Narmada Seva Yatra says Shivraj Singh Chouhan



Narmada Seva Yatra

On Monday in Bhopal, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that by next year PM Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath showered an effort – The Narmada Seva Yatra which is the great ideal for Ganga restores that will be the beginning point to operate the clean-up in the other rivers in the states of Madhya Pradesh – specially Tapti, Son, and Kshipra.

The Madhya Pradesh government’s attempts surely will end up aiding neighboring states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand where the Son discharges through, Gujarat where the Tapti discharges and Rajasthan where the Kshipra meets Chambal river. Chouhan said “Tapti, Son, and Kshipra will be deeply involved with the conversation and cleaning by the next year” on the distraction of a seminar held on the conversation of the Narmada which is a week before the 3,000km Yatra ends up.

Chouhan Operates to clean-up rivers

Chouhan Operates to clean-up rivers

On May 15, PM Modi will show up the pinnacle of the Yatra at Amarkantak which is the source of Narmada. Chouhan said that “He is a visionary and is showing the way to the world. He always encourages us and sent over experts of the Ganga Action Plan” by being grateful the PM for his great support to the Narmada campaign.

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Chouhan impressed that the social recognition which has been provoked by the Narmada Seva Yatra which is the biggest achievement of the campaign. The CM said that “But people understand that the Narmada which is a lifeline and it isn’t right to throw even puja offerings into it, no effort will succeed. But with people’s assistance, this has turned into a social action,” who has been proved that the usefulness of the river combining by using Narmada’s flow to restore the river Kshipra. The Narmada Seva Yatra has turned into a vehicle for social change, coinciding with Chouhan’s mission to rid the state of dependence.

He said like the river conservation has to come over the people’s cooperation. He also explained which makes fiscal sense that the “Restriction cannot be carried about overnight. The government may conduct special attention to the operation against alcohol. We will close down the alcohol shops next year too.” He said that “Just as river conservation has huge fiscal growth in terms of agriculture production which will advance the fiscal and the health of society because people will no longer give away half their day’s earnings in alcohol shops.”

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