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Online education in Washington is increasing at a Rapid rate



Also known as the State of Washington situated in the Pacific-Northwest region of the United States named after the first president of United States George Washington. With one of the largest number of students enrollment, this state has played a huge role in the education system of United States. In 2008-09 the number of students enrolled in the elementary and secondary school in Washington was 1,040,750 and as of 2009, there were 295 district schools. Being one of the members of the 16 member state in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education it provides the best standards of online education at a lower tuition fee.

The National Centre for Educational Statistics reported in 2013 that Washington has 87 institutes that can grant a degree out of which 43 are Public, 24 are Not For Profit and 20 For-Profit Schools. Most of these institutes also provide an online degree.

It would be unfair to say one college as the best because all the colleges in Washington follow the certain standard and they are adamant at giving the best possible education for their student’s whether it is offline or online. Regardless of the specialization, we have listed down few of the best online colleges in Washington on the basis of the overall benefit aspect for the students.

  • Central Washington University
  • City University of Seattle
  • Faith International University
  • Heritage University
  • Northwest University
  • University of Washington
  • Washington State University
  • Western Washington University

Online education in Washington is increasing at a rapid rate, as per the US Department of Education a total of 39,402 students enrolled for at least a single online Higher Education course. This number is very good as it represents 10.6% of all college students of the State of Washington. Students prefer online education as they can pursue these course outside their college hours and these are also very flexible. Distance learners can complete the course at their own pace people find this of great advantage as it has less tuition fee also.

Not only students but there are working professionals also who are taking online courses as they can complete these courses at their time as these courses, in the long run, would prove to be handy for them as they might get a salary hike or even promotion due to this course. Not only this but since the number of people who are opting for online colleges the State as well as the Federal government has expanded the grants of Financial Aid for online colleges to an amount of $299 million and this helped an estimated 69,400 of the low-income students.

Not only for the State of Washington there are a number of online colleges in the United States which provides quality online education in all fields. If you want to find all the courses according to different states and according to your area of preference, you can visit thecollegemonk, it is a one-stop place where you can find all the details of online colleges, course, details about financial aid, etc. There you can find all the details about various courses, their fee detail and best colleges for that course etc. So, it is a place where all your queries about online education would be solved without much effort.

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