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Nicolas Maduro Says Trump’s Imperialist Hand Behind Venezuela Crisis



Nicolas Maduro

Mr. Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuelan, has said that his United States counterpart Mr. Donald Trump is now deeply involving in “terrorist” activities and the continuing violence that occurs in the country is due to Washington is trying to take political control.

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On this Sunday the President of Venezuelan said that in his weekly radio television that shows in his country is facing an attack by violent forces, intolerance, and generalized destruction and following all these confusions were taken hold by Donald Trump.

Mr. Nicolas Maduro the President of Venezuelan has said that his United States counterpart Mr. Donald Trump

Mr. Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuelan, has said that his United States counterpart Mr. Donald Trump

Trump Has His Hands Contaminated

Trump has his hands infected, and it is attached deeply into this collusion and this attack that has an objective talking of political control in Venezuela, recolonizing Venezuela,” Mr. Maduro said.

On Tuesday he called his supporters to the stage for a grand march for peace.

In the meantime, the Public Ministry announced that the death of 23 years old man in the western part of Trujillo state subsequently he was supposedly shot in his chest during a demonstration on Saturday. 

The Ministry stated that the Trujillo prosecutor Jose Luis Molina has to be instructed to investigate the death of Edy Alejandro Teran Aguilar at the time of demonstration in the city of Valera, in this, he also added about the passing of an 18-year-old man and the 50-year-old women in the protest.

The Officials that they said on Saturday night, there are many armed peoples were arrive at the site and fired at the people in the group of demonstration, and a minute later the suffers were transported to the local hospital.

Death count up to 47

By the death of Teren’s, the death toll is continuing as the wave of protest in Venezuela is stands at 47.

The another report of the Attorney-General’s office has informed that it will investigate that the incident in which another 23-year-old man was run over by his vehicle at the protest on Attorney-General’s office in the eastern Caracas.

Nearly 120 peoples were injured on Saturday during the protest stage in the Caracas metro area, and three of them were in the serious condition, it was said by the Venezuelan opposition, accusing state security officials of perpetrating the “violence.”

The opposing lawmaker Jose Manuel Olivares stated at a press that on Saturday in Caracas, there were more than 90 were injured and by adding that in the nearby town of San Antonio de Los Altos, there nearly 30 wounded in the demonstration.

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For almost two months, Venezuela has been feeling a wave of widespread protests against the Maduro government that, aside from the 47 deaths, have resulted in hundreds of people were injured and got arrested.

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