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ICC members agreed for New International Test and ODI Leagues



New International Test and ODI Leagues: The Test series league will see nine teams play 6 series over 2 years – three matches at home and three matches away, while the ODI league matches will be a direct qualification path towards the ICC Cricket World Cup which is played every 4 years and will be contested by the 12 Full Members teams plus the winners of the current ICC World Cricket League Championship. This new league will be really challenging and the ICC members have planned to release the sooner.

New International Test and ODI Leagues

New Test Leagues and ODI Leagues

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Key points of the meeting

  1. 9-team Test league matches and 13-team ODI league matches aims to bring context and purpose to bilateral cricket
  2. “Bringing context to the bilateral cricket is not a new challenge, but this is the 1st time a genuine result has been agreed on”, said Shashank Manohar, the Chairman of ICC.
  3. “This is the most significant point in time for ICC Crew Members and our collective desire to secure an active future for international bilateral cricket matches“, said David Richardson who is the Cheif Executive of ICC.

New International Test and ODI Leagues

ICC Members Meeting

International Test and ODI Leagues

There was a serious discussion going on regarding this new leagues and the ICC had given the green light for a 9 team test league and a 13 team ODI league. The leagues will be starting from 2019 and 2020 respectively and the schedules will be finalised and published soon.

The 9-Teams test league is to be played from 2019 with teams playing a total of six series (3 Home series and 3 Series Away). The series will have a minimum of 2 matches and maximum of 5. The series will be culminating in a “World Test Leagues Championship Final“.

The International ODI league is considered as a pathway for the ICC World Cup. The ODI leagues comprise a total of 12 teams along with the winner of the ICC World Cricket Leagues Champion. In the ODI league’s first edition, each team will play a total of 8 series (4 Home series and 4 series away) with three matches per series. The ODI league will act as a direct qualification for the ICC World Cup finals.

New International Test and ODI Leagues

New International Test and ODI Leagues will commence starting from 2019

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